The biggest game in town~


Vegas can’t touch it.  Neither can Macau.

It’s the biggest game in town and everyone is playing it.

Everyone goes through their lives denying their self.  Denying their essence. 

And it’s one big game isn’t it?  Even in the spiritual and religious circles the game is in full effect, giving lip service to what love is.

And the stakes are large.   They could not be more.  And the thing is just by playing the game you will lose every time.

And everyone who plays this game are too busy with everything to even realize they are playing it.  This is the current state of humanity.

When someone moves to a point where they want to explore beyond the distractions and contractions of life, beyond giving the mind more candy and the turning away from themself where can they go?

Where can you find yourself?

Is it under a rock?  Or at the corner store?

Is it in a book or movie or self-help guru?

Is it in a relationship?  In sex?

In your friends or family or neighbours?

Your job or career or hobby?

Is it skydiving or taking up MMA?

Is it in a war-ravaged country?

Is it flirting with death by smoking, drinking, popping Percocet, and the million other ways humans choose to reduce themselves and die?

Is it in some obscure reference in some ancient text yet to be uncovered?

Is it in some religious teaching?

What do you think?

Yes the world is your reflection but you will not find yourself in any of these places.

The only place to find yourself is in the deepest and most scariest place of all.





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