Say “Yes!” to life~


It becomes a habit to say Yes to life.

To choose and allow more.

It is an energy of appreciation that just grows and grows.

Until everything, absolutely everything, is encompassed.

Even the tiniest pebble on the furthest planet in the most unexplored galaxy is touched.

Saying Yes to life is saying Yes to you.

Saying Yes to you is saying Yes to love.

Try it out.

Do you think the universe cannot expand even more?

What do you think the energy of the Big Bang is?

Pretend for a moment it is your imagination being ignited.

The spark of life in you.

The love that you are.

You extended into physicality to explore and define and remember and understand.

To experience yourself and expand the universe and existence.

Such is the way it is.

Do you think you are separate from anything?


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