Life is everywhere~

dragonfly sun

Life is the trees and grass you move by.

It is the magpies as they look up at you and chirp.

It is the rain and water and clouds and sky.

It is in the sun and stars and infinite reaches of space in which this little planet is less than a speck.

It is the smile of children and loved ones but also the expressionless millions that walk and bus and drive to work each morning.

It is in that creep who gave you a smile.

It is the creative energy it took to construct the dwellings and cityscape you live in.

It is your relationships and desires and imagination and movement.

It is the love and lack of love you have for yourself.

It encompasses your expansions and contractions throughout life.  Your smiles and sorrow and all.

It is the creative impetus that gave rise to life here and everywhere.

It is the choice you made to be here now.   To come into physical existence the way you have, isn’t it?

Life is everywhere.  It is what we experience, what we create, what we choose.  It is You.

See it.

Feel it.

You are the energy of life.  The essence of existence.

Are you not?


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