Peace of mind~


“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”  -Virginia Woolf

Everybody seems to be looking for it.

This thing called “peace”.   Peace of mind.   Whatever you want to call it.

I was playing some blitz chess yesterday and a chess player I hadn’t seen for some years showed up.  It was a nice surprise as he is an affable guy who is an amateur boxer.   I asked him how his training is going and he said he is “training to find peace”.

And that is where it all starts, isn’t it?   Being aware of what you want and where you are at.

Ms. Woolf’s quote about peace is quite astute.

You cannot find peace by building yourself a nice little box or worldview and living inside that.   You cannot find peace by trying to control your life or protect yourself from the world.   Quite the opposite.   A certain degree of vulnerability is required.

And vulnerability is a choice to move into and express your beingness in the world.

I have found that the times in my life which have been the most devoid of “peace” are when I am not expressing myself:  the situation or person I am reacting to and allowing a contraction of my energy.

Peace implies the opposite of something.    The opposite of war or conflict or whatever.   And that is not really what we all want is it?  As just because it is not raining problems or you are not being triggered by something/someone does not mean you have achieved anything real or lasting, does it?

So it is not really a peace of mind we want but an expression of who we are.   That energy.  As our beingness is a state of ease.   It is state of vitality and our natural energy.    An awareness.

Moving into your vulnerability will bring you closer to what you are seeking.

And that is a choice.



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