Be what you will~

dragonfly sun

Be a success.  Be a failure.  Be rich.  Be poor.

Be bold.  Be timid.  Be open.  Be closed.

Be hard.  Be soft.  Be a visionary.  Be myopic.

Be a rock star.  Be a nobody.

Run along and swim naked in the ocean.  Or build your sand castles on the shore.

Be a sinner.  Be a saint.  Be sexual.  Be unsexual.  Live long.  Die young.

Fly high.  Stay grounded.  Love.  Hate.

Be afraid.  Be fearless.

Live your life.  Change how you see yourself.  Be who you want to be.  Make mistakes.  It is okay.

It is more than okay.  It is inevitable.  And from one perspective there are no mistakes.

Explore what is possible.  You might surprise yourself.


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