Your beingness~





Your beingness, your brilliance, is the expression of all that you are.

And that has nothing to do with trying or effort.  It has nothing to do with trying to figure anything out or control anything.

It is simply about being you.   The expression of All that you are.

And this expression isn’t about shouting off the rooftops or from some pulpit (although it doesn’t necessarily exclude that).  It isn’t about the way you dress or the money in your wallet.  It isn’t about how others see you or your needing approval from anyone or for anyone to see you a certain way.  It isn’t about any one particular expression either and it certainly is not about being cemented into a set of circumstances you do not like.

Your expression is about all that you are.  You could say your beingness encompasses any way you could choose to manifest yourself.

Your beingness is simply you.

Look as far as you can see.  Look to the horizon.  Look to the stars and galaxies above.  Look within the most advanced microscope and particles within particles within the atomic structure of our physicality…

…gaze upon your life.  See how you live and the choices you make.  See it for what it is…

…see everything around you.  The movement and stillness and form and space of everything.  Even the perspective you have of how time affects your environment, your physicality…

…observe your relationships.  See how your choices create your relationships.  See how your choices create your life…

Now, do you really think that you are separate from anything?  You cannot draw a line anywhere in existence and say “This is energy, and this over here on this side is not.”  Everything is energy.

The energy that you are extends into everything.   Such is your sufficiency.

Open yourself up and explore what this means to you.

As the Madonna song says, “Express yourself.”

You are infinitely worth it.


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