Raise your vibration~


Before you dismiss this as Hippy-speak, give me a moment.

One of the benefits of energy work/healing in general is that it raises your vibration.

And raising your vibration is about living your fullest expression and enjoying life.

The only thing that keeps us down is the mind’s game of fear so it is essential to observe your state of being and choices.

Observe and observe some more just how much fear limits and reduces your life.  And then choose the other direction.

Conscious choice must be exercised here.  To be aware and then to direct your existence.  As fear is so ingrained in our thinking and way of life it is not immediately apparent just how pervasive it is.

When we are open and enjoying life and connected with our beingness then our vibration is naturally high.  There are no impediments to choosing and moving and creating in any direction.  There is flexibility and joy and ease.

There is also the knowing that no matter what circumstance or situation you find yourself in, you can choose not to play the game of contraction and fear.

Nothing can disempower you if you choose not to allow it.




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