Enchanté Montreal~



Jen and I recently visited Montreal for the first time and absolutely loved it!

Frankly, it puts other Canadian cities to shame.  Everything from the efficient metro system to the thousands of shops and businesses and wonderful things to explore and fall in love with.   Things are more relaxed there.  There are bike lanes on sidewalks and streets.  Even many of their alleys are thoughtful greenspaces.  And the numerous depanneur convenience stores around town that sell beer and wine which you can drink on the streets or parks if it is with food or in a paper bag.

It is a more social and interactive environment and feels very safe and friendly and the architecture everywhere is beautiful.  It sparks the imagination and reminds you just how fun and wonderful life can be.

One such amazing place is Eva B‘s massive café and vintage boutique on Boul St-Laurent.  It is like stepping through the little door in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.   A friendly smile greets you at the door offering you a sample tea and inside is everything from walls of books to artwork to numerous corners, curiosities, café and greenspaces and of course clothing.  It would take a full afternoon to explore and just sit and enjoy the magic and ambiance.

We were born and raised in Canada and never realized until we visited Montreal what a treasure it is.  Canada is a much better place for it.

And the point is, sometimes there are amazing things right in front of us or in our own backyards that we do not see… until we open our eyes and see.



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