There is an interesting Spanish word that I love.  It is Querencia.

Querencia has been described as a place where one feels secure and where our strength is drawn from.  It is a place of ease in which we know exactly who we are, and the place from which we speak our deepest truth.

In bullfighting parlance it describes when a bull stops reacting out of fear to the Matador but pauses to center himself.   From here it becomes almost impossible to kill the bull and a dangerous time for the Matador.

It is interesting that as a verb “querer” means “to desire.”  And it is infinitely worth pausing and asking the basic question of what that deeper part of ourself wants.

Desire in this context is not the petty desire of trying to fulfill your craving for Doritos or playing a game of your ego-personality but something much more.

It speaks to the very heart and essence of life.  The movement of your soul.

What do you desire to create, to feel, to express and be in the world?  What is possible for your desire to open you up to?

Querencia is a state of being.  It is your place of power.  It is that place you can choose to live from.

It is that movement and evolution of you as you.



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