Your life is not a pep rally~

It’s everywhere.

On the TV and internet and newspapers.  The stream of ‘talking heads’ in the media.

It’s like one big cult and what do they all really say?

And our culture is addicted to the sound and video bite like never before.

Perhaps it’s like a soother to ease the underlying pain of what’s inside everyone and what they’re not willing to look at.

The ego wants gratification and answers now.  Anything will work as long as it sounds good.  As long as it’s packaged well and looks sexy.

And the thing is you don’t need a pep rally to make change in your life.

You don’t need a pep rally to live your life.

You don’t need a slick ‘how-to.’

You don’t need to justify your choices by being “successful” or right.

You don’t need a polished motivational speaker or celebrity or talk show host or guru or self-help author or politician or media darling or judge or parent or partner or brother or sister or guidance councillor or anyone.

You don’t need an iPhone or the latest Facebook feed.

You don’t need anyone else to validate your choices or life.

Look at the distractions of your life and see what they really give you.  Stop being fooled by what looks good.

Stop going for the pablum.

Stop saying no to what you really want (~do you know what that is?).

Your life is not a motivational speech.

Your life is not an endorsement.

Your life is not a practice run.

Your life is not a puzzle.

Your life is not a wound that will not heal.

Your life is not about being perfect or good or showing up enough to float by.

Go within and discover what really makes you – you.

Go within and see what is really there.

You have yet to do that.

Go within and choose what you will.


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