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If you are not feeling good, recognize the influence of your mind on your life.

In fact, if you are not feeling great observe how the mind is interfering in your existence.

Acknowledge how you are feeling.  Observe the discord or disharmony or lack of ease in your life.  Do not deny this or it will perpetuate itself.

To be conscious and embrace the fullness of who you are the mind must be guided to a larger realization of things.  And this is not easy.  It will likely be the hardest thing you ever do, when you are ready to go in that direction.  For it will mean that you are no longer willing to allow the mind free reign to contract or reduce your life.

The interesting thing is that the mind is part of who we are.  It is not something separate from us.  But it must be directed.  Commanded.  Guided.  For it will otherwise go in a direction that is likely not of your choosing and will be to your detriment.  Observe this and you will see it.  Any perception of lack is a reflection of the mind’s limited perspective.  And any perception can be shifted.

(And of course realize the influence of your perceptions on your life.)

When there is stress or a lack of ease in your life recognize that there is a battle going on.  The mind is trying to run your life and is like a bully or child.

That is why a regular practice of meditation or energy work or even doing something you enjoy like working out or dancing is such a good idea.  It can facilitate an opening to the bigger picture.

Guide your mind so that it knows its place.  Make your ally on your journey of life.  It is an amazing and powerful tool, far beyond what almost anyone realizes.


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