Dreaming the world~


Browsing through the tables at the downtown Edmonton library’s book sale I discovered this beautiful ‘little’ coffee table book Peace at Home: Simple Solutions for Serene Rooms by Juliet Pegrum .

It features exactly what the title says sharing design ideas and insights and sprinkled throughout are thoughtful little quotes, some from Lau Tzu and here is one from the Zen Buddhist monk Ryokan:

“In this world of dreams,

dozing off once more;

still speaking

and dreaming of dreams.

Just let it be.”

I love the energy of the book as it is not just about what kind of couch to have in your living room but promotes a state of being.

As Ryokan and Lao Tzu and others always tell us, this world is a dream.  And it is.  And when we are aware of this it is easy to see how much “trying” there is in the way we live and the futility of it.

Trying and a lack of ‘peace’ come from a lack perspective.  And that is not who we are.


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