advanced concepts in healing~


It is the mind that needs healing, not your body.

Recognize the body has an innate and inherent ability to be in balance and restore itself to balance if allowed.  It is the mind that interferes and creates imbalance in your life.  And that can easily manifest as illness, physical or otherwise.

Sure when people want to heal from cancer they should obviously eat organic, nutritious foods, go raw more, take larger doses of vitamin C  and drink lots of clean spring water.  Of course they should do things that help to heal like bring oxygen into the body and laugh more.  That goes without saying.  When people get sick it is an opportunity to connect deeper with themselves and explore new, more empowering ways of living.

But recognize it is not the body so much as the mind that needs addressing.

Use the mind to direct the essence of energy that you are to healing your physical, emotional and mental states.  To make shifts into health and ease and a “yes” acceptance of life.

Consciously apply your mind to bring the energy that you are into your life and create shifts.  Give it that direction and choose it.  Choose health and choose You and when your choices reflect that and you are that energy, your body will be in balance.

Allow the energy that you are to express itself in the world.  It just feels good.  

And doing this opens the door to living a very long and happy life, much longer than people are currently living.  It opens the door to new ways of living.

No one really does this but you can be among the first.  And it’s not simply about healing but about creating the life you truly want.


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