giving to yourself what you need~


One of the main things I’ve learned on the journey of my life so far is something that most people won’t find impressive or sexy.

It’s not something that’s going to appeal to a lot of people either.

But it is something essential in any progress you will make on your journey to realizing a deeper understanding of yourself and existence.

And it’s something I’ve mentioned before which is simply this:

You cannot get from anyone else what you must give to yourself.

Examine your life and choices and observe where your fears are.  Observe where you have perspectives of lack or insufficiency.  Observe the blocks in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self that need healing.  Examine your self-worth and just how accepting and loving you are of yourself.  Observe where you are “needy” or repeating a pattern that is no longer serving any purpose for you.  Observe any areas where you are stagnating.

And then choose to go in a new direction and let your choices and life reflect that.

I recall a time in my life I was left utterly devastated.  My first adult relationship was a very intense experience, an overseas soulmate connection that ended for different reasons but we were a mirror for internal things that needed healing.  And when it ended I was an emotional wreck and tried to fill that void by looking for “the One” everywhere I went.

But the positive from the relationship was that is showed me exactly what I needed to work on in myself:  I was emotionally needy.  And that was not a place I wanted to be as it would only attract more of the same and it was not a satisfying way to live.  So eventually I acknowledged that and chose to heal myself.

Your journey in life is an opportunity to become aware of yourself.  To become truly aware of yourself and be conscious of your choices.  And from that perspective what is sexier than that?


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