the larger perspective~


The universe is big place.  We actually have to use our imagination to even start to comprehend the scale and size of it.  (I won’t get into how imagination informs reality.)

The only comparison is the infinite world of sub-atomic particles which is equally as vast.  Ultimately you can say they are the same thing.

And within all of this is the point in space and time in which you exist.  Your physicality, your life, your perception and awareness of things.  Your awareness of you.

Realize something important here.  Everyone has an “environmental situation” in which they live and in which they are born into.  The essence you are chose to be here.  And chooses to be here.  And it is you here right now making choices that determines what your life is and will become.

That is a powerful idea and can become your awareness.

It is the opposite of the victim mentality that exists in the world today.

Living in awareness will open you to different ways of living that will expand and grow your existence.



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