The coming Great Job Disruption – how will it affect you?

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“...the whole nature of employment is going to change…there are going to be more people out of work… automation is being automated… what are you going to do with them [the millions of people with job disruption (loss)]?”  -Mark Cuban in a Bloomberg TV interview

Decades ago there was the thought circulating that technology would do the job of the worker and there would be a massive leisure class.   Well, with recent technology shifts part of that is coming true at least.  Technology will be doing the jobs of low and high skilled workers:  assembly line workers, drivers, fast-food workers, computer programmers, surgeons, financial advisors, etc.  That point is soon arriving.

I remember re-watching the movies 2001 and the sequel 2010 in their respective years and wondering how a visionary like Arthur C. Clarke could have thought that the world would be that advanced by those dates.  It was a common idea circulating for sure and many movies reflected that.  But some significant shifts are and will be taking place in the next decade or two.

A survey from Randstad Canada forecasts ‘precarious work’ as now becoming the norm and the growing need and trend of ‘agile employment’ and people having ‘non-traditional’ work (part-time, casual, self-employment):

New technologies and new attitudes towards employment are having a profound effect on how the workforce will look in 2025. This shift in thinking and the willingness of young Canadians to eschew the traditional nine-to-five for non-traditional roles will dramatically change the makeup of the workforce over the next decade.”

Whether this new trend is reflective of a predatory practice of employers and/or a good thing for people is open for discussion and leads to other discussions (like universal basic incomes and the failed welfare-state approach) but it’s important to acknowledge the change that is taking place and to have a flexible mindset and explore all of our talents and abilities.

Mark Cuban expresses that creative thinking will be in demand and people with liberal arts, philosophy, language education and backgrounds, for example, will be of benefit.  And that will be refreshing thing to see.

But there are going to be many who are displaced, marginalized and have great trouble adjusting and surviving the changes of the world.  And it will be in the millions.  So now is as important a time as ever to allow yourself the freedom of choosing freely and being aligned with who you are and moving through difficult times when it arrives in your life.

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