What celebrities and Hollywood don’t really understand~

trump protesters

There will always be people like Bush and Trump.

There will always be things happening in the world that will create fear in people.

It is up to you to align your life and choices in the direction you want to go.

When you resist anything doesn’t it make sense that you are in fact just supporting it with your energy? 

Don’t give your power away to anything. 

Stop resisting anything and start saying “Yes!” to what you do want and go in that direction.  Even if you are the only one.

Yes things are shaping up for some big events that will take place.  Where many people will be affected and die.  That is just the writing on the wall and it is plain as day.  Humans still resolve things with fighting and war and it is the probability at this point, wouldn’t you say?

So your choice is to react in fear or to be aware of what is happening and to make your own choices.  There have and will be times ahead when the world will seem like it is collapsing around you and everyone is living in fear.

At that point realize what is happening.


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