within the heart of everyone~

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Within the heart of everyone is love.

And love is everywhere.

That includes you.

You can see it in the space between your choices.

You can see it in the context of the choices you make, even when it is a choice to reduce yourself or harm another.

You can see it in the interconnection of things and how the universe supports our movement and choices.

There is nowhere you can walk or run or travel in the universe or in your imagination or within yourself where there is not love.

Love is the space within a cup that holds the water and the cup itself.

Love cannot be all of this and be something separate from who you are.

Love supports life and is what we are.

So why do you deny this at every step and actively play out a role and personality that is not a true reflection of you?

Why do you pretend that anything in this world has any real influence over you or some inherent ability to dis-empower or make you feel like shit?

That is good for a laugh my friends.

It is time to own up to things and be honest with yourself.

It is time to make a choice to explore things a bit deeper.

So, where would you like to go from here?

It is interesting to observe that the heart has an infinite capacity to love and that the universe has infinite possibilities to explore.   Hmmm, maybe there is a connection…:-)


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