Change is a constant~


The writing is on the wall but who reads it?

The paper reports recently that Ford and Dominoes Pizza are working together to develop driver-less delivery.  That would mean an end to 100,000 driver jobs for that one company alone.

Amazon is automating its warehouses with robotic fulfillment and moving into drone delivery.  And the advancements in automation, robotics and the overall Artificial Intelligence mega-trend are going to throw the job market upside-down and over a hill in the coming years.

The writing on the wall says many other things as well.  For those who care to read it.

I mention this not to create fear but to highlight that in this century and beyond we’ll need to be adaptive and flexible and to go with the flow.  An entrepreneur mindset will go a long way as people will have to constantly redefine themselves, their careers and their lives.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

At least you’ll be able to talk to your dishwasher when you’re unemployed and figuring out what to do.

As technology advances make sure you are getting in touch with your own empowerment, not giving it away to technology or anything else.

Engage your imagination and start exploring who you want to be and what you want to create in your life.



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