the future is accelerating~


It was less than 120 yrs ago the main form of transportation for a lot of people was horses.  Around that time people were reading the fiction of Jules Verne and wondering about the possibilities of the future.

It was a only a handful of decades later that some scientists were using the energy harnessed from splitting atoms to kill human beings and designing basic propulsion technology to send people into orbit.

Positive and negative shifts have taken place as technology has taken steps forward and we are at the point in human history where the next evolution will be a massive acceleration into the world of artificial intelligence.  It is beginning.

Bryan Johnson may not be a household name yet but he is the founder of Kernel, one of several neurotechnology companies that are invested heavily and exploring new advancements in the possibilities of linking the human brain and computers.   Elon Musk‘s co-founding of Neuralink is another company.   Venture capital companies like Permutation Ventures spear-headed by Riva-Melissa Tez are allowing new inroads to be made into machine (deep) learning and different areas.

Advances such as implantable brain-computer interfaces will allow enhanced brain functioning and solutions for disorders and disease.  Nanotechnology will become fused into our biology and be a part of who we are, growing as we grow and radically changing our experience and extending life.

It is not a matter of if it will happen.  It is a matter of choice.

It is important to be aware of how you use technology now.  It is important to be aware of your relationship with everything.

What do you choose?  What is your empowerment?

It is time to ask questions and explore and create consciously.

Human evolution does not need to rely on “technology” to evolve but that is the direction we are moving in.



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