Be a radical~


The word itself in the West is now often associated with extremist religious viewpoints and destructive actions and directions.

But it wasn’t too long ago there were many in the 60’s who were exploring the boundaries of free love and communal living and drugs.  Their exploration was largely a reaction (as well) to events that were going on in the world.

But how about taking the idea of ‘radical’ in your life not as a reaction to something but as a choice to go to where you want to go.  To explore where and what you want.

Here are some avenues that are radical:

Saying no to money and not letting money affect your choices.

Saying no to fear and empowering yourself.

Loving for the sake of love.

Living your life with passion and appreciation for being alive, every day.

Questioning the value of societal and personal conventions and habits.

Filling your cup to overflowing before helping others.

Seeing that creation is in each moment.

Seeing the oneness where the world insists on playing the game of separateness and conflict.

Living your life how you want to and creating your own definition of “success”.

Allowing the power of your imagination to inform your life.

You don’t have to be a hippie or take LSD or get into politics to be a radical.  In this world you are a radical just for truly being you.






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