Live your life~

dusky sunset

Create your own movement and path.

Don’t listen to the teachings of others.  If you have to, then be selective and use them in a minimal way.  And then burn your books and discard your stratagems.

Follow the open heart and honesty.

Cultivate that in yourself and make it your choice.

Live your life.

The spirituality community is addicted to hearing the buzzwords and terms, recycling their ideas, trying trying trying so hard and playing the same games.

I have not met one spiritual teacher in this world who does not make me want to take a bath.

I say that because I see that aspect in my own self and it is part of what I have shared on this site, in some ways.  I am not separate from anything.

Some of the greatest sharings and offerings I’ve come across have come from places you would not expect it.   Love is not a dirty word and should be used more.

The direction we are going is not easy.  But it is simple.


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