Be your own guru~


How far do you think you will get in your spiritual journey when you put anyone or anything above yourself?

The great teachers like Buddha and Jesus and others taught a radical equality:  That they are not separate from you. 

But no one is willing to see and choose that type of limitless perspective.  As it would mean moving past their fears and walls and blocks and comfortable belief systems and structured existence.  It would mean moving past ideas of separation.

Everywhere now you see people giving their power away to everyone and anything outside of themselves — not just to religion or gurus but to their families, partners, bosses, antiquated belief systems, political correctness, societal expectations and rules/norms, to anyone who is richer, dresses better or who they perceive as smarter than they are.  It is endless – observe it.

The hardest part of the journey of self-exploration is taking ownership of your own life and choices with a radical and complete honesty and commitment.

The spiritual journey becomes so complete that you will eventually extend your energy to become one with the All-That-Is.  You will start to move in that direction at least.

And it is a process in which not one stone in the universe will be left untouched.

The next time you see a teacher sitting on a pedestal, whether it be tangible or subtle, observe what is happening and how it relates to you.   The next time your mind makes a judgement of someone in relation to you, no matter what it is, observe it for a moment.

The games of existence are endless as well.

If you are not consciously choosing you, then you will be imbalanced and needy.  And how can you be of benefit to anyone?

There is no teacher greater than you.  Stop looking outside yourself.

You are that which you seek.



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