summer 2013Greetings and welcome, I am Mark.

My life has been a journey of remembrance and awakening and it is my joy to be guiding others in their growth and self-realization.

I am a spiritual consultant, energy healer and writer and live in appreciation of life. My awareness is of energy and the essence of existence and it is from this energy I live.

As a boy I wondered about the limits of what was possible and would sit in meditation before a flame and try to move things with my mind. As a teenager i fell in love with books like the Tao Te Ching. After high school I was drifting through life, unsatisfied, frustrated and unhappy and it wasn’t until I healed myself of a critical illness in my late 20s that I started making the choice to follow my true path in life.

One of my passions is an energy healing methodology called Asymya of which i enjoy sharing with others and giving treatments. It is a doorway to healing and another way of existing and for the last several years I have explored The Wonders teachings as a way to reconnect with the deeper aspects of myself.