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The next leap in A.I. is here.

The exploration is what is important.

Discovery.  Self-learning.

Making your own choices.

And ultimately being aware of your choices and what is possible.

Exploring what is possible.

And advancements in A.I. are real and here, now.




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The exploration is the thing.

azure waters

‘Azure.  All told a year of water.

Some places with no bottom.

I had hoped to understand it

But it wasn’t possible.  Fish.’

Jim Harrison, Songs of Unreason (2011)

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the ambition of longevity~

bamboo fountain

The paradox of trying to live a long life is that

you will fail miserably.

But I didn’t say that it was impossible

to live a very, very long time.


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Live your life~

dusky sunset

Create your own movement and path.

Don’t listen to the teachings of others.  If you have to, then be selective and use them in a minimal way.  And then burn your books and discard your stratagems.

Follow the open heart and honesty.

Cultivate that in yourself and make it your choice.

Live your life.

The spirituality community is addicted to hearing the buzzwords and terms, recycling their ideas, trying trying trying so hard and playing the same games.

I have not met one spiritual teacher in this world who does not make me want to take a bath.

I say that because I see that aspect in my own self and it is part of what I have shared on this site, in some ways.  I am not separate from anything.

Some of the greatest sharings and offerings I’ve come across have come from places you would not expect it.   Love is not a dirty word and should be used more.

The direction we are going is not easy.  But it is simple.

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quit your problems~

the essential_

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December 1, 2017 · 4:52 am


Mysterious cat

“Cats tell me without effort all there is to know.”

-Charles Bukowski

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The avocado-sandwich dilemma~

avocado sandwhich

Millennials often take the brunt of a lot of things financial related.  Not only are they facing incomes with far less actual buying power than previous generations, they are saddled with student-loan debt before even getting a “real” job (which are uncommon nowadays).

Not only that but they get insulted in the media.  They get slammed for buying avocado sandwiches and lattes.  That type of thinking represents a scarcity perspective, even when it comes from people with 7 or 8 figure net worths.

Of course being responsible with your money is important but so is letting your money and energy flow.

From a societal perspective, what do you think stimulates the economy?

What do you think allows businesses to stay open and thrive and pay their employees?

That’s basic economics.  Using money to stimulate the economy.

It’s important to examine our relationship with money and not give away our power to it.  Money is a tool for trade and nothing more.  It is paper that we assign value to for that purpose, nothing more.

What is true wealth and abundance?

Millennials understand that we are here to experience life, not to be slaves to jobs and money and stagnant ways of thinking.

The older generations can learn from that.

And we can all learn from each other.

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