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Nothing lacking~


I grew up with a certain awareness of existence.   But there was always the feeling or experience that something was lacking in myself.

The boy became a teenager who became an adult and still the feeling of something not quite right often seemed to be there.  Buried.

And it wasn’t until I became radically honest with myself that I could see and acknowledge that I was exploring life from a perspective of insufficiency.  And basically everyone does the same thing – if they are being honest.  As the reality we exist in is based on the perception of separation (which is created through judgement).

And one day I chose to explore existence from a place of sufficiency.  And sufficiency goes far, far beyond self-esteem.  It goes to the core of what existence is.  Alignment and harmony with the universe and your interconnection and unity with everything.

You will never truly know yourself

until you recognize your equality and relationship

with everything.



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There is no end to it all~

back road

It’s spiritual fallacy that at some point in your existence you will stop being here.

That you will stop reincarnating.

(Why do you think you chose to be here now?)

When you awaken,

guess what?

Life carries on.

The journey never ends.

And would you want it any other way?

And all of this doesn’t mean you will not be exploring other ways of living and existing.

It doesn’t mean that you are limited in any way.


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The importance of trusting yourself~

joshua tree stars

Maybe I’m wrong.  But I feel that most people intuitively know that they can trust themselves more.  That the answers they seek are within.

This speaks to the sufficiency of who we are within existence.

No one is greater or lesser than you.

Yet how often do you give your power away to anything and everything outside of yourself?  (just think about money and sex, for starters)

So, if there is nothing greater than you why are you in a habit of deferring to others on your journey to discover the greater part of who you are?

Why do you defer to others for guidance when the whole point of the exploration is to become intimate with yourself?

Trust yourself.  Know yourself.

And at that point everything will fall into place.  You will have the answers you seek (and come to value the questions as more vital).

And you will know the mysteries of the universe as very few do.

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An effective way to meditate and grow~


There are many ways to meditate.

And there an equal number of ways to waste your time and not get anywhere.

Why is this?  For different reasons but mainly because meditation too often becomes just another ‘doing’.  Not a ‘being’, which is the whole purpose.

Remember that meditation is a way to say ‘No!’ to the spinning of your mind; it’s a way to say ‘No!’ to the giving your power of away to the illusion that is the world.  But ultimately it’s about opening yourself to a deeper understanding of things.  An awareness.

And it only takes a moment and you can do it anywhere, anytime.

(Forget the religions and the gurus and any source outside of yourself.)

Method?  Okay:

Allow your energy to encompass everything in existence.

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The exploration that is rapper Lil B~

lil B

It was at Pitchfork Music Festival 2013 when rapper Lil B paused from the middle of his song ‘I’m God’ (which you can see on youtube) and asked the audience to close their eyes and pause for meditation and shortly thereafter got everyone to shout “I love life”.

What’s fresh about him is that he plays the rap game in his own creative way:  not in the cliched, role-playing and hardness everyone else seems to think is necessary but by being open and vulnerable and sharing the complexity of himself and his journey.

In videos, some of which are confessional-styled, he has not shied away from showing tears, wearing pink and his desire to know and be close to God and to appreciate and explore all that life has to offer.  He has also ego-tripped more than once but is unique in that he is unabashedly positive and straddles both the rap/celebrity/money worlds while being committed to exploring the possibilities of life and spirituality, and most of all staying true to himself which he refers to as ‘based’:

Based means being yourself. Not being scared of what people think about you. Not being afraid to do what you wanna do. Being positive.’

That’s his core message and it’s a powerful one.  Lil B is on a journey of learning, playing, discovering, getting distracted (really, who doesn’t?) but growing and is an example of a direction in life that we can all choose.  And a lot of what he shares with the world… frankly, the world needs more of.



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The consciousness of humanity~


Humanity has achieved technological advancement

but has it achieved anything else?

Not really.

View the movement of humanity

over the centuries and millennia

and you will see that the consciousness of humanity

has not grown.

So where do we go from here?

A healthy first step would be to set aside our arrogance

and look at the world, ourselves and each other

with that sense of wonder and play

that we had as children.

With those eyes.

And then to ask ourselves, what is possible.


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On enlightenment and perception~

seagull sky

Sharing this 2009 post I made on a forum:

‘I recall a conversation with a friend who had a problem with the seeming duality of violence and love in the world, and the endless parade of “victims” in the world. He cited an example of an old lady who was killed. Within this context he asked how does one become enlightened and I replied (using the extreme example) that until you see that you are both the victim and the murderer, and the very knife that kills, there is no enlightenment. As long as something or someone is outside of self there is fear, and with fear, endless defining and separation and no ownership or remembrance of our immortal, stainless Nature. Being limitless means encompassing all things. As you both observed, ‘this-and-that’, not ‘this-or-that’. 

Most people realize that they are more than their mere body or mind. We create our own realities through perception. But if we are the beauty of the dove that sweeps low across a pale blue sky; the laughter and happiness of a child in the sandbox; the glance and subsequent caresses of two lovers meeting after months apart, then we also inhabit that which spawns war and calamity and ignorance. Not separate from it. But with true knowledge comes the ability to live the knowledge. To move through it and be. 

Eventually all concepts (incl. personality, ‘choice’, etc.) and definitions collapse under their own form or weight.  The prism becomes the mirror and the mirror dissolves. ‘Brahman’ creates and consumes illusion. It is no wonder that some Zen monks and Hindu sages do not speak, do little and just smile or laugh.’

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