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Add some Qigong to your life~


standing pose.jpg

The magic of Qigong is in its simplicity.

It is easy to learn and will enrich your life beyond measure.

And you can can take it as deep as you want.

As the exploration of energy is inexhaustible, isn’t it?

I have been doing Asymya for years and at this point in my life enjoying Tai Chi/Qigong as a daily practice.  And I have found that one informs the other.

Qigong is an ancient but flexible practice and there are a million ways to bring it into your life and make it work for you.



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Never stop exploring~


spiral aloe

Once you stop learning you start dying.” – Einstein

Learning, asking questions, living, breathing, playing, growing, getting our hands dirty, aching belly laughs and funny faces.

These are things that keep us young and allow life energy to flow and infuse into our lives.

Never stop exploring.

Never stop using your imagination and bringing it into your life.


What is the relationship between learning and imagination?


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The seasons of life and change~

leaf on water

One of the great things about living in Canada is that you really get to experience each of the four seasons in all their fullness.  And each day has nuance and subtle shifts.

And such is our lives.  There will be times when nothing seems to be going right and times when everything seems to flow like magic.

I ran into a friend recently that I hadn’t seen in many months and after some conversation he mentioned that he ran into a whole host of different nasty health issues that took up a lot of his time and energy.  But now he was doing better and with his sense of humor and fun perspective of life was looking forward to a better flow of things.  He was waking up to the realization that life has those cycles and the importance of proper perspective.

And those of you who have experienced the bad and dark times when it looked like everything was collapsing and your life was imploding… haven’t you always survived?  And more than survived but gone on to enjoy life again?

When it seems darkest just remember that the sun is coming soon.

By observing nature and the flow of seasons, in whatever part of the world you are in,  as well as everything around you, it is possible to get in touch with the impermanent and transient nature of reality.  The illusion that it is.  And so when shit comes up in life we can address it with an understanding that allows us calm and we are not easily thrown off balance.

And when you observe what changes you will get a sense of something which is consistent and so broad that it underlies all the structure you have set up and designed your life as.

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breathing through the skin~


With ‘internal’ arts training it is essential to realize the importance of breath.

There is a concept from Qigong (and much earlier) that has to do with opening up the body and allowing the flow of energy by ‘breathing through the skin’ as part of the process.   Breathing through the pores.

And with this concept, the breathing with the lungs is in co-ordination with I will call vitality-breathing basically.  Life energy breath.  Connecting with yourself as energy.  Feeling and stimulating the flow and movement of energy.  Opening the ‘gates’ and clearing the tension and blockages of your body and perspectives.  Dissolving what no longer serves you or at least allowing the structures that have limited your movement to not be so rigid.

And as you open to see yourself as more than just a physical body, there is endless possibilities to explore and play as the universe becomes your playground.


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Moving beyond technique~


Even if you can’t pronounce or spell his name, you’ve got to like Joaquin Phoenix.   He’s not Hollywood hollow and he’s his own person working in an industry that specializes in Faustian trade-offs.

I haven’t exactly seen all of his movies or read up about him but over the years it’s clear  that he’s made some interesting choices and is dedicated to the art and craft of his profession.  In a recent interview for his new movie Don’t Worry.  He Won’t Get Far on Foot he mentions:

I’ve never really understood what ‘method’ was.  I don’t know really precisely what that means, so I don’t really have method that I know of, but I guess you could say it’s not me coming up with lines, it’s about trying to have an experience.”

And what an amazing approach it that?  It’s one that will serve him well and looks like it already has.  And it comes as little surprise he will be tackling the role of Joker in another Batman installment coming out next year.

It’s all too easy to rely on methods, techniques and ‘how-to’s’ but can stunt our growth and limit what we can experience.

And experiencing life is what we are here for.  Live from your essence and choose more.


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The super-food that belongs in your cupboard~


If you haven’t met before let me introduce you to a good friend.  The name is Quinoa.

Quinoa has become more recognized in recent years and more widely available in stores and here in Canada even Dollarama sells an organic import.

So, for pennies a plate there is no excuse for anyone not interested in eating healthy and organic to be able to afford it.  Prince William cannot eat a more healthy, satisfying meal than you can with this super-food.

What you may not know about quinoa:

  • It is pronounced keen-WA.
  • It cooks in 15 minutes and hard to screw up.
  • It’s gluten-free and easy to digest.
  • It is superior nutrition and has more protein, iron, dietary fiber, B vitamins, and dietary minerals than wheat, corn, rice or oats.
  • It is very versatile and mixes well in salads, soups, stews, cereal, or as a side with butter, salt or herbs.
  • Once cooked it stores in your fridge for up to a week.  Frozen it can last for months.
  • It is harvested by hand.
  • Humans and animals have been consuming it for thousands of years.
  • It’s a ‘pseudocereal botanically’ related to spinach and amaranth.
  • It comes from South America (Peru, Bolivia) and supports agri-business there but now grown in other countries like the US and UK.
  • One cup makes about 5 large portions.
  • It is a lot more sustainable than many other food options.

Experiment with how Quinoa can easily fit into your meals.  Have fun and enjoy!

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Your ‘reserve’~

subway car nyc

Grabbin’ / And grabbin’ / And grabbin / And grabbin’ / Til what we’re grabbin’ / Is grabbin’ / And it don’t let go / It won’t let go / We can’t let go / We push we pull / We constantly feed / But we’re never full’

Subway Stations of the Cross, Ins Choi with illustrations by Guno Park



Unconsciously living from a perspective of lack.


Consciously choosing

from that place within ourselves

that can never be fully exhausted.

Call it by whatever you want.

(imagine the difference)


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