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Death before dying~

sun and sky

You will always be in survival/fear mode until you shift your perspective to view the world from a radically different way:

From your deepest inner self.

Your essence.

Why is this so?  As only from that perspective a new freedom opens up based on the understanding that

there is no death

only creation and your experience of it.

Until we bring ease and clarity into our lives, living in the world is the hard part.  Physical dying is easy as then we are at Home in peace (again).  And the process of life never really ends.

Recognize this and live from your essence and the ‘Sword of Damocles’ that hangs over your life will cease to be a factor in your choices.   You will be one of the few who are truly free.

Imagine what your life would be if you lived from this new perspective.

Will you give yourself this freedom?


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Two things to remember~


photo credit: Chase Founatin ©2009


Your conscious mind has a very limited perspective of things.

Thus the importance of letting go

and trusting the ‘more’ that is you.


To the degree that you see yourself as separate from the world and God/Goddess/The All-That-Is, that will be your reality and existence.

Observe that separation (that you have chosen) and this awareness will allow you to choose more.

Makes sense, right?

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Listening to your own voice~


When I was 20 I remember sitting at the library and tackling the formidable book I AM That by Nisargadatta Maharaj.

I wanted to understand it as I felt there was something important in it but it was no use as I didn’t have a frame of reference or spiritual vocabulary for it yet.

And then when I was 30 I tried it again and understood it.

And I found it interesting that another of India’s famous modern gurus, the soft-spoken Ramana Maharshi, essentially taught the same thing and had opposite personalities.  Where one shouted the other sat in silence with little reliance on words.

And over years I read the teachings and offerings of hundreds of teachers and books committed to finding that elusive integration and truth of everything.  It took a while as I was not going within consistently.  I was searching and exploring externally even though most of the teachings pointed to the same place.

And of course there is no shortage of gurus in the world.  There is no shortage of religion or people who are more than happy to tell you how to live or how to get enlightened.  And generally that is what people want:  they want the truth sugar-coated, sexy, elusive, and they want it watered down.

For when you go digging for the truth of existence, you will meet your fears.   Fears that you didn’t even know existed.   A mountain bigger and badder than Everest in the worst snow storm.

The short of it is that we fear our own brilliance.

Always remember:  the answers are inside of you.  Everyone intuitively knows that to be true.  But living that way is another story.   Imagine what would happen if you became your own compass and made your choices with the trust that you are exploring you.

Realizing who you are is like freediving.    You hold your breath and give up everything to go deep and find that one pearl.

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There is a well within you~

water well


Quiet your body and mind.


Move beyond all the activity

and let go of what you think you need to do.

Come to a place of stillness.

This is a place that is not a place.

It is not a beingness.

It is beyond conceptualization.

And it is not a beginning or end.

Don’t puzzle about it, just open to it.

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Choose the role you want to play~

sky sun

Tell a different story.

You are not the 25 year-old unemployed college grad with a mountain of debt and no boyfriend.

You are not the 82 year-old retiree waiting on death’s door.

You are not the burned out single-parent mother working two jobs.

You are not the bored CEO or business owner trapped in a role that doesn’t reflect anything about you.

You are not your story.

Reinvent yourself.

Tell a different story.

Or you can just be you.

In the moment.

Observe and realize that you are not in a static reality.  Even though it is often perceived that way (and accepted), play around and open to the flexibility of what your existence can be.

It all begins and ends with you.  Your choices.

What do you think is the energy behind the universe and the creation you call your life?



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Integrity:  ‘the state of being whole and undivided’.

What does that mean for you in your life?

I came across a quote recently that was along the lines that described integrity as the path in which you will never lose yourself.

From a spirituality perspective having integrity you might say is the commitment and choice to connect with the essence of yourself.  Being whole.

As everything else is a fragmentation of the self or even an act of fraud and dishonesty.  Isn’t it?

From this perspective, integrity has nothing to do with morality.  Concepts of right and wrong, good and bad are just adopted societal norms.

We are so used to playing our roles that I do not think that integrity is a very common thing at all.


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The practice of intention~

clarity mind

There is an idea in yoga of ‘sankalpa’ which is basically setting an intention before the session.  A resolution.  A similar thing would be planting an idea into your subconscious mind as you drift off to sleep.

Of course intention only works with any real impact if we carry it into our daily lives.  Choosing as we live in each moment.

Think of intention as the setting of a direction we give our minds as a guide or reference for what we want to explore or create.

Keep the intention simple and positive and clear.  Feel it.  Feel how it is part of who you are already.  For in truth it is.  The energy you are encompasses everything else in existence.




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