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Integrity:  ‘the state of being whole and undivided’.

What does that mean for you in your life?

I came across a quote recently that was along the lines that described integrity as the path in which you will never lose yourself.

From a spirituality perspective having integrity you might say is the commitment and choice to connect with the essence of yourself.  Being whole.

As everything else is a fragmentation of the self or even an act of fraud and dishonesty.  Isn’t it?

From this perspective, integrity has nothing to do with morality.  Concepts of right and wrong, good and bad are just adopted societal norms.

We are so used to playing our roles that I do not think that integrity is a very common thing at all.



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The practice of intention~

clarity mind

There is an idea in yoga of ‘sankalpa’ which is basically setting an intention before the session.  A resolution.  A similar thing would be planting an idea into your subconscious mind as you drift off to sleep.

Of course intention only works with any real impact if we carry it into our daily lives.  Choosing as we live in each moment.

Think of intention as the setting of a direction we give our minds as a guide or reference for what we want to explore or create.

Keep the intention simple and positive and clear.  Feel it.  Feel how it is part of who you are already.  For in truth it is.  The energy you are encompasses everything else in existence.




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The importance of pause~


It is essential to have a daily practice of taking time out for yourself.

A practice in which you quiet the mind

connect deeper

and regenerate yourself.

This includes relaxation and deep breathing.

It can take any form such as:  meditation, yoga, gardening, energy work, tai chi, running, walking or something else.

Or it can be as simple as sitting in a comfortable chair in a quiet room.

This habit will pay dividends far beyond anything the best stocks will.

It will give you more than you can possibly imagine (if you do it consistently over time).

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essential natural living products and ideas~

spiral aloe

Over the years of trying out different health and natural living ideas and products here is a wide sampling of what I/we use with regularity and that offer great value.  Of course there are many other products that these could easily find a welcome spot in your home as well.

castor oil  — a deep moisturizer but also therapeutic for the skin and internal organs and healing when applied with a warm compress.  Offers (some) sunscreen qualities.

olive oil —  Multi-purpose!  Great for salads.  Useful in moisturizing skin and hair, low heat cooking, and it offers (some) sunscreen qualities.  Coconut oil has more sunscreen protection and is great for the skin for those who do not break out with it.

grape seed oil — great on skin, high-heat cooking, as a skin moisturizer and sexual lubricant or massage.

carbolic and glycerin soap — surgeons used to use carbolic soap before surgery.  It is has an interesting and cleansing smell and is red!   Glycerin is more gentle.  None of the unhealthy additives and fillers of modern body cleaning products.

baking soda — for cleaning and a quarter teaspoon in water for dealing with stomach acid or heartburn.

organic carrots and bananas — close in price to non-organic.

Japanese mint oil (like Hagina) — very powerful oil for relaxing, clarity and healing.

tea tree oil and oil of oregano — a hundred-and-one uses, including health maintenance and healing.

‘For Men Maca Root deodorant stick‘ from Body Shop — In the men’s section but suitable for ladies as well.  Natural deodorants have come a long way over the years and there are several brands that now actually work!

The Master Cleanse — a simple and cheap way to cleanse you body and boost your health.   Organic maple syrup and lemon juice mixed in water with cayenne powder.  Drink several times daily instead of food for a period of days and take a laxative tea before bed.  That’s it in a nutshell!  (The value of this cleanse cannot be underestimated and it is totally suitable for most people.  Educate yourself thoroughly before attempting any cleanse and review some of my other writings on this blog regarding this cleanse.)

Andreas Moritz Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush/Cleanse  — a cleanse with information freely available online.

sprouts — a superfood that you can grow inside very easily.

plants — literally bring more oxygen to a room, cleanse and ionize the air and help you stay connected to nature.

organic Quinoa — available at various dollar stores now!

spring water — what the body needs!   Costco is probably the best place to get this in the bulk 15L size for less than the price of a latte.

probiotics — promote and maintain overall health.   In the old days people used to get beneficial gut bacteria from simply eating fruits and veggies from the garden and eating them straight.  There are many high quality brands out there but the best I have tried is  Garden of Life – Primal Defense.

used clothing stores — donating clothes to simplify your life/buying used clothing and products is a great option.  Shopping malls can be boring, tired and expensive.

daily walking  — as a slower more deliberate way to get places and basic fitness.

meditation/yoga — or some daily ‘pausing’ practice of quieting the mind, connecting deeper and regenerating yourself.  This includes relaxation and deep breathing.

essential oils — to smell and feel good and have fun to mix and match.  Revitalize any space by mixing a few drops to a simple diffuser.

natural home building and design — something I would like to explore.

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peaceful and still~


Do you feel peaceful and still from the depths of your soul?

What pulls you from your place of being and awareness?

What distractions and things of this world do you give your power to?

What illusions have we perceived as real and given our power away to?

How and why do you limit or reduce your expression in the world?

Why do you pull away from love and deny aspects of yourself to yourself?

It all begins with you.

And for that you need to take off your armor and shed your defenses.

In a world that is shoring up its defenses and where everyone seems to be hardening themselves and frightened,  there is another option to explore:

Be open, vulnerable and naked.

It is a paradox and path.  The only way to get to where you want to go.

To connect with your beingness, that place of vitality and stillness and renewal, do as the cliff-divers do and jump.

Take a breath and let go.



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Your relationship with the world~


(pic from

It may seem obvious but it is worth thinking about:

You learn about who you are from your relationship with others.

You learn about who you are from your relationship with your

environment and circumstances.

(When things get tough, what is your choice?)

You learn about who you are and what is possible from your choices.

You learn about who you are from your relationship with yourself.

So, what is your relationship with yourself and everything?

What do you see yourself as separate from?

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Don’t forget who you are~


Is your life filled with too much busyness?

Maybe it’s time to remedy that.

People only run around like a chicken with their head cut off because they’ve forgotten who they are.

Take a breath and chill out.

Don’t lose yourself to the world, find yourself.


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