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You are the exploration~

wheat field

Growing up in Saskatchewan there was lots of space.  Not just to move around but to reflect and contemplate existence.

Regina was not a big city (you could drive across it in 10 minutes by car) and there was a slow pace to life – even more so in the country where the wheat fields stretch out to horizon and the wind creates waves and sway like the ocean.

Some of the most memorable and happiest times of my life have been the space of just existing, being alive and feeling the vastness yet interconnection of everything.  Where everything starts flowing together and you are aligned with the deeper energy of things and infuse yourself into that movement.

It’s like going to an amusement park.  You have to choose to go on the ride and then buckle up.

If you pay attention, the universe is speaking to you, nodding and nudging, whispering, asking and begging to play and create with and through you but you have to listen carefully.

In your interaction with anything or anyone, even yourself you can create a movement.

You can feel the ‘more’.   The interconnection and oneness.



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the choice that heals~


The main thing I know about healing is that is requires choosing.  Maybe that is the only thing that I know about it really, but it is enough.

A year back I had injured a rib and it was one of those annoying injuries that affects your mobility.  And I was trying to not let it affect my life too much and one day doing my simple yoga routine in the park I was shifting into Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) and my injured rib went CRACK! as I lifted my arm above my head to the sky.  I felt my rib or something snap.

Well that’s what I got for not really listening to my body.

So the rib injury was much more acute now and greatly affected my movement.  It was lingering for weeks.  And one day I realized that I had experienced it enough and did not want to anymore.

And in a moment I made a choice to heal and simultaneously felt the rib shift.  The healing was instant and complete.

And it did not require a touch or anything.  Just a choice.  But in that choice was a clarity and definiteness.  An ease.  In fact the Asymya I did on it in the preceding days did not do much for it because underlying the energy work there wasn’t the full choice to shift and heal.  I was sort of just going through the motions.

Choosing connects us back with our power.   It is our empowerment.  It is not anything or anyone outside of yourself that heals you.  Only you can heal you.  And really, would you want it any other way?

Of course healing is a topic that leads to a discussion of the oneness of things.

And there is everything to explore in existence, is there not?

(May 26, 2016)

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One shift in consciousness~

sand castles

One shift in your consciousness

does more for the world

than one hundred lifetimes of philanthropy.

How is this so?

Because you are moving past the level where the problem arises.

And you are not separate from anything.

So live and play and create and assist others if you choose.  Build those schools in Malawi.  Support cancer research.  Volunteer at the local shelter.

But realize that to move into real and lasting change you need to create from the energy that is you.


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This isn’t about navel-gazing~

wave rider

Don’t worry about saving the world.  Save yourself.

If you want to be of service to the world, your family or yourself, then realize it’s not your actions so much that will amount to much (if anything).

It is your quality and state of being that matters.

The energy that you are.

That is what makes lasting ripples.

This is a world bent and torn on self-destruction and harm.

It does not need another ego-personality running around doing stupid shit.

You cannot make another person choose or do anything.  Not really.

Besides, isn’t really boring at this point trying to control things?

So take care of being the best version of you that you can be and allow the universe to just be.

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Your sense of essence~


Connecting with your essence is about choosing and living more from who you are.

In a world with infinite distraction it’s important to be aware of the mind’s pull into contraction and distraction.

Living consciously is about embracing the simplicity of who you are at the core.

It’s an awareness of who you are and living from that place.

Not the other way around where you live like a leaf blowing in the wind from one situation or occurrence to the next.

How can anyone be empowered if they are reacting to anything ‘external’?

Do what you need to do to connect with your essence.  Be aware.

And you will get a feeling sense of that deeper energy.

Cultivate that feeling and see how it interconnects with everything.

Call it a sense of essence.

Explore it and connect deeper.


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Be your own guru~


How far do you think you will get in your spiritual journey when you put anyone or anything above yourself?

The great teachers like Buddha and Jesus and others taught a radical equality:  That they are not separate from you. 

But no one is willing to see and choose that type of limitless perspective.  As it would mean moving past their fears and walls and blocks and comfortable belief systems and structured existence.  It would mean moving past ideas of separation.

Everywhere now you see people giving their power away to everyone and anything outside of themselves — not just to religion or gurus but to their families, partners, bosses, antiquated belief systems, political correctness, societal expectations and rules/norms, to anyone who is richer, dresses better or who they perceive as smarter than they are.  It is endless – observe it.

The hardest part of the journey of self-exploration is taking ownership of your own life and choices with a radical and complete honesty and commitment.

The spiritual journey becomes so complete that you will eventually extend your energy to become one with the All-That-Is.  You will start to move in that direction at least.

And it is a process in which not one stone in the universe will be left untouched.

The next time you see a teacher sitting on a pedestal, whether it be tangible or subtle, observe what is happening and how it relates to you.   The next time your mind makes a judgement of someone in relation to you, no matter what it is, observe it for a moment.

The games of existence are endless as well.

If you are not consciously choosing you, then you will be imbalanced and needy.  And how can you be of benefit to anyone?

There is no teacher greater than you.  Stop looking outside yourself.

You are that which you seek.


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Explore what is possible~


You are caught up with your illusions.

Do you choose to move beyond them?

Create a movement in your life and explore that.

Open yourself up, be vulnerable and explore universal mysteries.

Explore ‘the more’ that you are.

and create a life that you can say:

“I finally woke up”.



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