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a good traveler~


A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving.

(ch. 27 Tao Te Ching)

This applies to traveling but also our way of being in the world.  For we are all here as temporary visitors on this planet.

And I love this quote so much because it distills so much into a few words.  If we are not prepared to be in each moment, embracing what if before us and appreciating what the universe is offering us, living now, then… do we ever really live?

We are are explorers, living in the world and sometimes connecting with the deeper pulse of things.  We are all travelers.  Whether your idea of a travel is touring the Croatian coastline, hitchhiking across the prairies, or going to the fridge on a commercial break.

Without going outside, you may know the whole world.”

(ch. 47, Tao Te Ching)

And this verse is a kind of a sister passage to the previous one.  For what we see in the world is ultimately a reflection of our own perception and understanding.



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The yoga of eating~


Mindfulness and awareness can be brought to any activity or moment in our lives.

And one opportunity is to be mindful of our eating habits.  It is an opportunity to explore our interaction and relationship with food and our bodies and our connection with our environment.  And more.

It is all too easy to shovel food into our mouth hurriedly, chomp and swallow.  We tend to go quickly through the process as part of routines, like brushing our teeth, showering, etc. and we take it for granted that the automatic process of digestion takes place.

But being aware of the food we eat and how we eat allows us to get in touch with ourselves on a deeper level as eating is an integral part of our lives.  Despite those that claim to be breatharians or similar things, at this point in human evolution we rely on food for nourishment and sustenance.

Consider that the food we eat went through a process of growing from a seed in earth to becoming ripe and getting transported to you today, becoming part of you and your cellular structure.

So slow down.  Be conscious of what you are putting into your body.  Whether it be health or junk food or whatever.  Acknowledge and observe your daily choices and do not judge yourselves so harshly but be aware.  Appreciate the experience fully.

It is a way of loving yourself and your connection with the world.

Food is energy.  You are energy.  Are you not?


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Grow your own superfood fast and easy!


Jen and I started growing our own sprouts a few months back.  Most people don’t realize how simple, cheap and easy it is and they can grow almost anywhere.

All you need is a jar with a screening lid, sprouting seeds, a rinse of water twice daily and minimal lighting indoors.   Growing time is usually estimated at five days but we have found that our sprouts grow fast at three to four days.

Growing your own food (even a little) is an amazing, enriching, fun and empowering experience.  And they smell great, taste clean and are the perfect snack anytime of day.

Visit your local health store and give it a try!  Have fun with it.

Growing tip:  you may notice a little fuzz on the sprouts after a few days.  That is not mold just a normal part of the growing process and rinses off with water.

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This journey we call life~

into the water

It has been said before and I will repeat it again here.

You can travel all your life as far as your legs or imagination will take you.  Around the globe or to the other side of the universe.  Into and out of every kind of relationship or experience.  Conversely, you can study the particles that make up matter and move deep inside particles within particles and the infinite space within space.

Either way where does it take you?

It takes you to you.

The universe is within (and without) and it is only our own judgments of time and space and everything that creates the distance and separation we perceive.

Move into the space of the smallest particle and you will find that the universe is there.

And you will be at the beginning of where it all begins.

Time and space is your creation and you are here this moment.

And what is your choice?



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Nature does not hurry~

pond reflection

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

This passage from the Tao Te Ching speaks to the sufficiency within existence and ourselves.

It is a place within ourselves

and yet so far away

as we have lost touch with our ability to

simply be.


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the healing of humanity~


photo by robg

I play chess sometimes in an area nearby to where this sculpture sits in downtown Edmonton.  And the mix of players is like one big dysfunctional family united by our love of the game.

And humans like to harm and hurt each other.  And ourselves.

And before we die we all kill ourselves in a million little ways through the fierceness of our own judgments and desire to control things.

And until the day comes when we all start to live in new ways, heal ourselves and consciously choose we will play around with abstract ideas that titillate the mind.


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your true nature~


The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.”  -John Muir

Don’t be afraid to travel into the untamed wilderness that is your true nature.

That part of you that will never be controlled.  That country you have yet to explore.

The summation of all your experiences and movement and growth in this moment in time you call your lifetimes has been a journey of what…?

It has been a journey of remembrance and a coming home, hasn’t it?

Fill this life and a million more with every distraction you can imagine, invent or create but are you willing to deny the essence you are?


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