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The complicated mind~



A man searches in the forest for days to find a respected monk that he is told will have the answers to all of his questions.

He finds the monk who tells him that his mind is too complicated and to meditate for 20 years and then come back.

Dismayed, the man leaves but is struck by the vitality of the monk and so does meditate as he continues on with his life.   After 20 years he finds the monk again.

The monk again tells him to meditate another 20 years.

The man this time, to his credit, is not dismayed and continues to meditate another 20 years.

By this time there is grey in his hair and he is getting on in years and yet again he searches for the monk and finds him.  The monk has maintained his same timeless quality and vigor, with the addition of a few minor wrinkles in his skin.

They look at each other.  There are a few moments of silence.  And a smile comes to the monk’s face as he says:

“Let us now begin”


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Experience what you are.

dusky sunset

A boy hears of an Oracle in a distant land and gives up his roots, his family, his safety and travels to find it.

For inside of him is a question that he wants to ask.  A question that is part of his very movement and being.  His very essence.

His journey takes him far and wide and becomes his life.  And in his lifetime his question is answered.

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A way of living.


There was a traveler who set out to see the world.  And that she did.   And as time went on she packed and traveled lightly in the world.

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The Billionaire and the Poor Man

smiling man

Ask yourself who is the wealthier person:  the billionaire who sees themself as insufficient and lacking something… or the penniless man who appreciates his life and movement and has opened to see himself as rich beyond measure?

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The Desert Traveler


Through a series of choices a traveler finds himself in the middle of a barren desert dying of thirst.  Now we assure you this man would give up everything for a tall glass of cool water.  His wealth and possessions and property and status, all of it he would willingly trade for this water.

And just as the man dying of thirst in the desert would trade everything for the water, there is something that for even a glimpse you would give up all your possessions and money and everything for.

But it is also something you fear greatly, such that the mind blocks it out completely.  It is the fear of your beingness.  Your brilliance.

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The New Farmer

farm land

A man inherits land and moves out into the country and becomes a farmer.  Despite his efforts the crops do not grow and for three years the harvest is poor.

Initially he is frustrated but his curiosity allows him to keep trying and explore in a new direction.  Instead of giving up on the farm he grows close to the land and soil.  He appreciates the sun and wind and rain and crops and cycles of nature.

He appreciates how his energy infuses into the crop and his connection with the land.  He invests himself into his new life such that his crops becomes a reflection of his creative energy, his essence.  And the land and his life flourish.

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The Thief and the Old Man


A thief approaches an old man and tells him to give him all of his money.  The old man turns around and extends his hand offering him his wallet, surprising the thief with his ease and compliance.  The old man gazes into his eyes and seems to look deep within him, unsettling the thief.  There is a pause.

Is this all that you want…?” he asks the thief, “Or is there something more you desire, in your life?

The thief nervously reaches out to take the wallet but pulls back… and walks away.

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