The relaxation response~


Relaxation is a choice.

Cultivated as a practice it can be a response

 to the stimulus of a world that can easily pull us

from our place of being.

Relaxation can be an opening into awareness.

An opening into simplicity.

An opening into more.

If you choose it and go in that direction.



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poverty consciousness~

kid tree

There are governments and organizations and people in the world, very well-meaning to be sure, with an intent at ‘eliminating poverty’.

What they do not understand is that poverty is not a circumstance but a state of mind or consciousness.  A holding pattern of lack.

And no amount of money or intervention will change that.  Poverty will remain until humanity shifts its thinking and how it sees itself, as individuals and as a group.

It should be instilled into every child in the family home and in our schools and everywhere – an approach and teaching that is simply this:


Without a true understanding of what this means and what allows change there will be a continuance of the problems that plague humanity.  Everything from crime to poverty to illness of every kind.

And on the flip-side, it is interesting that many people think they have a wealth consciousness but do they really?

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this moment called now~

morning light - Copy

Anticipation of the future creates tension in your body and mind.

It pulls us from being present and seeing what is happening and dilutes the quality and intensity of life.

Of course we can use our imagination to inform and create our reality and lives – it’s what we do any way, isn’t it?  But why not just let this moment be enough?

This moment in which you are in is enough.

It is sufficient.  You are sufficient.

There is no great need that needs filling immediately this very moment.

The future will take care of itself if you take care of yourself right now.

Trust in your ability and power to choose in the moment as events arise and unfold.

Trust in your ability to allow things to come into your life and practice acceptance.

Trust in your ability to go in any direction you choose.

Trust in your ability to respond to respond effectively rather than react to things in this world.

As there is no ‘greater’ source or power than what lies deep within you.

You were not created as a lesser being and there is no lesser being in all of existence.

A homeless person or a president of a country or a billionaire are no better or worse than each other.   They are each simply choosing and experiencing life in their own way.  Nothing is inherently greater or lesser than another.  Observe that.  Religion would say otherwise but that is another topic.

Recognize what is being said here and how it applies to your life.

Just because something is not manifested in this very moment before your eyes doesn’t mean a lick.  Stop playing games thinking the universe has to be a certain way.

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what is your choice?

rainy street

You are walking down the street and pass by a total stranger.

And for a moment you observe them – their expression in the world and this moment – their choice to be who they are.

And you see their choice to be simply their choice as the very next person you pass is making different choices and it is simply their choice, to be who they are.  Not better or worse just their own choice.

Sometimes it’s easiest to see what our own choices are…when we observe what others are choosing.

And to see and observe another person

to truly see and appreciate them for who and what they are

their choices and contractions and limitlessness and all

is not observable

unless we first

know it

in our own self.

Know what your choice is.

Choose to be who you wish to be.

It is not even a matter of shifting perception or healing or learning or anything else.

It is simply a matter of choice.

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A new paradigm of existing~

azure waters

Love is not some abstract idea or philosophy.

It represents a most radical and empowering approach to life.

A way to explore and be in the world and experience things.

It’s an entirely new paradigm of existence.

And it has nothing to do with walking around giving people hugs or quoting scripture or reading the latest self-help bestseller or trying to control your little corner of the world.



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the love that is~



“I looked at my life, and it was also a river.” -Hermann Hesse


We are all in the habit of trying too hard in our lives.   Some more than others of course.

Breathe deep and see your life for what it is.

Breathe deep and feel where your body carries tensions new, old and ancient.

Breathe deep and see your choices and the manifestation and flow of life.

Have you ever tried to have a fight with the ocean or wind?  It doesn’t last too long, does it?  So, don’t bother trying so hard.  Stop fighting and resisting and denying whatever you are.

Even in the last 5 seconds of your life you will be choosing and experiencing what you will.   And of course the journey never really ends, does it?

Love is the allowance of all that is.  That is the energy of what we are, ultimately.  It is for you to observe and know that.

And to choose it.

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The man they call Reveen~


If you are of a certain age you will know who Reveen is.  For those of who do not he was famous for his hypnosis acts touring Canada and the US in the 70’s and 80’s mainly if I recall.   His act has been copied by most of the hypnotists working today from what I can tell.  And of course he likely borrowed liberally from others for his shows.

I don’t usually endorse self-help products but I loved checking out some of his records recently.  The ‘Relax with Reveen‘ and two other recordings I came across are not about hypnosis however.  The focus is about relaxation to the point where suggestions are planted consciously like seeds into the mind.   The mind is given a direction.  And what impresses about Reveen is that he does understand the power of the mind and how to use it to make shifts in our lives.

The recordings are about 20 minutes on each side and deal with different topics like relaxation, confidence, stopping smoking and overeating, study and concentration.  From what I can tell they are available on LP websites and elsewhere.

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