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Embark on a journey into the the oneness of existence.

Please enjoy what is shared here and accept it all as an invitation to live the life that you desire and choose.  Without limits.

Allow the sharing here to assist and guide you in your exploration of life and the movement into a deeper understanding of existence.

Private sessions may be available as well.  We can explore any question or area and our interaction will gently facilitate a shift and opening into an expansion of consciousness.   A movement into being and health and harmony.  If that is your choice.

Our conversations will be open, flexible and dynamic as that is the energy and space of who we are.    We have no rigid program or how-to methodology and encourage those that are ready to move beyond the necessity to try to control their lives.    Into something more.

Let’s explore what your passions are and bring them into reality.  We can assist you in overcoming the fears that hold you back or with creating a vision for a new direction in your life.   Every moment is a an opportunity to create yourself anew and live the life you choose.

Let’s explore the essence and heart of all things.

The love that is.

In appreciation~

If private sessions are available they will be by telephone, via Skype or in person.   

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  • Audio-book:  The Limitless Self:  Create the Life of Your Dreams

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From the introduction:

“Your journey has led you to this moment and intersection and I thank you for being here.    It means that you are investing in yourself and are open to possibilities and maybe this is a point in your life where you will be exploring new directions or going deeper into areas you desire to be.    We will be exploring ideas and awareness of the movement into a deeper exploration of the self and existence.   This is a distillation of everything you need to simply and easily create what you desire and to simply and easily and joyfully grow into the understanding of yourself as a limitless being.”



The Old Way

What is the Limitless Self?

Your  Vulnerability is Your Power

You are Energy

The Wealth You Are

Life is a Dream

Living from your Essence

What is Your Expression in the World?

The Art of Allowance

The Awareness of You and Your Creation

Playing With Time

Is it a Joy?

The Power of Choice

The Open Door

A Meditation

A Parable


The Garden Meditation

Find a comfortable place and take a few deep breaths, opening your mind, body and awareness.    With the simplicity of a choice bring ease into this moment of time and feel it permeate every part of you…..  Let go of anything that contracts any part of your existence and feel your energy and perception broaden and deepen….

Feel the heat of the sun on your skin and the air fill your lungs as you breathe deeper and soften your energy.   Take a moment to connect with your energy.   Feel how there is no clear end to your energy, it just extends out to envelop everything around you and more.    You are in a garden with lush vegetation and green.    It is a place you feel instantly connected with as you notice the vibrancy of the place.  Butterflies and dragonflies float by… birds sing their songs cheerfully and there is a spring of gently flowing fresh water nearby… a mix of different flower scents in the air…the trees sway gently with the wind and there is an abundance of healthy fruits and vegetables.    Enough to easily support the life of many.

You walk through the garden and your feet enter the soil.    It feels nourishing.     Sustaining.   You feel whole and complete here and your energy is at one with the Garden.     You want to live here and nurture the garden and watch it grow and bask in it all for you realize that the Garden is you.     You smile as you lift your gaze to the sun and take it all in.    Your energy flows.   Love grows….     You feel yourself as an energy that can grow in any way.   Limitlessness.  Energy flowing through time and beyond.    Your nostrils enjoy the smell of the soil… so earthy and rich…. Almost a magical, sparkling quality.    You know that whatever is planted here will grow and sustain life.    Everything here is fertile and the fruit is ripe.   You take a bite out of a piece of fruit or vegetable and enjoy its delicious taste, you feel it enter and nourish the cells of your body and your cells vibrate with thanks and wellness.     You walk over to the spring and take a drink of cool water.    It not only quenches your thirst but invigorates your body, increases your vitality and you feel great joy in being here and being alive. 

This is the Garden of Life and you feel yourself open up….   You know that your life will grow in whatever direction you choose and you will grow beyond anything you can imagine. 

Allow your life to blossom and expand.  The Garden is you and you are the Garden.    And as you breathe in deeply and exhale, return to your surroundings and carry with you this knowledge and awareness.     And make your life your greatest dream.”

Program length:  2:00:07 .   Digital download, transcript available as well.  Available on a donation basis.


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Black & White on Cream paper
96 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1539041030
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BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / General
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