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aging is not a given~


Are your choices aging you?

Have you ever wondered if there was another way to live, one where we don’t age in the usual way?

Of course this world will offer so many things to push and pull against.  If we let it.

Make relaxation more than a part of your life, make it your way of life.   That ease of being.  FEEL IT.  Practice letting go and allowing your life to be an expression of allowance.

It is the friction and tension and weight of our lives that ages us.  Our choices and perspectives.  Our choice not to go with the flow of things and move with that deeper river of energy.

Cultivate a daily practice that will replenish your energy and mind.  Whatever that may be for you.  And open yourself to something more.

To read more about this topic see my blog post ‘The Fountain of Youth does exist~’





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aging and beingness~


Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.” -David Bowie

What greater joy is there than being who you are?

Of course age does not matter.   We can choose our beingness at any age.

And what do you think keeps you young and living forever? 😉

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Mbah Gotho from Indonesia

When asked what his secret to longevity is, 145-year old Mbah Gotho from Indonesia simply mentions “patience”.

Patience is a quality that is similar to ‘allowance’ and I like the idea of living life not resisting everything or anything that comes up but simply opening ourselves to a state that is so encompassing that all is allowed.  (All possible choices)

Easier said than done, sure.  But at that point what is impossible?

Humanity is not even at the infancy stage in what it will aspire to and ultimately achieve.

Of course there are a few around who are much older than Mr. Gotho but that is not important.

The question is:  how long do you want to live?

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the experience of time~

rocky shore

A boy becomes a young man.  The young man becomes a middle-aged man.  The middle-aged man becomes an old man.

A girl becomes a young woman.  The young woman becomes a middle-aged woman.  The middle-aged woman becomes an old woman.

There is the passage of time.

We look in the mirror and depending on our age we see a face looking back at us that is commensurate with an age.   A face with a body to match.

We tell ourselves “I am now 20 years old.”  Or “I am now 72 years old.” and there is a movement of time, a perception of time and aging, isn’t there?  And psychologies which are deeply ingrained.

People move through their lives being utterly dominated by time.  Not commanding their lives but allowing time to enslave them.

“It is 10pm.   I have to work tomorrow.  Time for bed.  Or I won’t get my 7-8 hours of sleep.  And if I do not get my 7-8 hours of sleep I will be trashed tomorrow.  I have to catch the bus at 6:58am so I can be at work by 7:55am.”

Just the idea of ‘tomorrow’ is removing you from where you are now.  Your sufficiency in this moment.  Your beingness.  Perceptions of past and future, and what are the past and future but concepts based on judgements of the present moment.  Judgements which disempower you.

And we do things like create ‘bucket lists’:

“Before I die I want to go to Greece and visit the islands.”

Or, “When I retire I will take up photography which I have always thought about but never pursued.”

See the relationship between time and choice?

We create our experience of life.  Of time.

Create your bucket list.  Or live forever.

And you live forever by stepping out of time.  By seeing it as the illusion it is.

Choose your limitlessness and realize that you are possibility and choice.  It is inherent in who you are.  Inherent in your energy.  That does not mean that you have to manifest in any one particular way at a given moment.   That would be a game of control, not allowance.

You were once a little boy or girl.   You inhaled oxygen into your little lungs and stood open before the universe.  Open to magic and possibility.  Open to life.  Imagination engaged.

And in that moment, you just were.  No past, no future.

That same ‘moment’ as now.  And not even that.

The experience of existence.  Not time.

Observe your perception of time.  The definitions by which you age yourself.

Be open for understanding that there is much more than the limits you have defined your life and choices by up till now.




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Shifting the age perspective~

Hazel McCallion

There is a remarkable woman living in Canada.  Her name is Hazel McCallion and at 94 years of age is starting a new job.

She is the former 33-year Mayor of Mississauga and the thing that is striking about this lady is that she does not see herself as ‘old and therefore incapable’ but has a more empowering way to see things.

Another example I came across recently is a woman named Rose Blumkin who was active in her 80s as the successful owner of a retail furniture company that she sold to Warren Buffet.

When he bought the business he forgot to include a non-compete clause in the sale and only still in her 80’s, Rose opened another furniture store across the street and it was successful enough that Warren had to buy that business for 5 million dollars.

She was still selling past the age of 100.

Of course there are many examples of people who were and are very active in their later years.  Picasso, Shaw and many artists and writers.  And many professionals and hobbyists and activists.

Isn’t it time we as a society and individually start shifting our perspective of age and aging?

Be aware of what your thoughts, beliefs, psychologies are surrounding age.  The societal, family and educational influences that have entrenched the idea into our thinking that it is natural to age.  The thinking that says we simply get old and die.

Aging is the process of disease, not life. (see my post “The Fountain of Youth Does Exist”)

We age because we believe it is the natural.  And our choices on every level reflect that.

Hazel and Rose have created a very small glimpse into what is possible.  Imagine what would truly be possible if we brought to our minds the awareness of our true nature. the ‘energy’ we are, and allowed ourselves to move into a limitless perspective.





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‘Holding 39’

I turned 39 in April.  And over a game of chess recently a friend joyfully recalls a memory from years before when a young Johnny Carson was establishing his career and was doing a comedy bit with Jack Benny.   My friend didn’t remember all the details but it was on the radio or TV and Carson was kind of razzing Benny about his age and asking him what his age was.  Benny replies “39” even though it was clear he was older.  And they played off this for a bit and later it became known as ‘Jack Benny time’.  The idea of holding age and staying young.

It was a great story and I relate to it as it has become clear in my life just what an illusion and perception age truly is.  Age is like a story or blanket that we wear and define ourselves by.  A chosen limitation even though everyone sees it ‘just as the way things are’.  But time is something more than this.

I appreciated the exuberant way in which my friend shared the story and his zest and intensity by which he lives.  He has and lives a rich life and sometimes refers to himself as a hippie.  And inherent within the story is the idea and fun of moving beyond age and time.  Living in the moment.

Anyway, I was thinking about the story and related ideas. And since the Wonders said it well and I will share what they said here:  “…observe your physical existence as an extension of time whereby time extends your existence.  The more time passes, the longer you live.

It is possible to play with and shift any of our psychologies and beliefs.  ‘Holding 39’ for me is not about resisting the passage and movement of time but playing with the flexibility of my perceptions and how I see things.  Recognizing that we are the energy and movement that is life.

We are here nowWe live and breathe and make choices and experience life.  And there is something infinite about that.

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