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The deeper exploration of Tai Chi and Qigong~ (and how it applies to you)

old man tai chi

There is a concept that is an integral part of Tai Chi and Qigong and other internal arts that applies to everyone looking to expand their existence.

It’s called ‘sung’.  And it goes far beyond relaxation (although relaxation in no small achievement).

Sung is partly about going deeper by letting go or releasing and dissolving tension and blocks.  Not just the tension in the physical body but in every part of the self.  And it’s also about connecting with that place of ease deep within where our movement in the world can be unhindered.

To become truly sung means to see the world and yourself with clarity.  To the point where your relationship with everything else is an exploration of interconnection and oneness.

Look at it this way:  you see yourself as a physical entity living in the world and that everything is separate from you in the sense that it is ‘external’.  From that perspective it is a literal impossibility to be truly at ease and peace with yourself as your mind will be in survival/control mode evaluating, judging, planning dissecting, preventing, organizing, thinking, doubting, worrying, justifying.  Busy-busy-busy.   Tension, stress, control.   As you are literally up against a universe of potential conflict and problems.

To be truly sung is about exploring the energy of oneness, the energy of allowance in the universe.   It’s an opportunity to move with the essence of energy.   A place of being and understanding where there is a ease and a broadening.

So it is a way of experiencing yourself, experiencing reality in a new way.  A more complete and holistic way where everything opens up.

So it may look like a simple thing but beneath the form of Tai Chi and Qigong there are radical and transformative things happening.  For those that choose to explore that.

The possibilities are endless.

End note:  there is a Tai Chi master, Adam Mizner, who has a passion for what sung is and often talks about and shows the martial applications.  Check out his online videos.


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Chasing after the world~


Perhaps the biggest dis-ease in the world today is living life on the Hamster Wheel.

The constant grind and struggle and pursuit of something:  Money.   Job.  Career.  Relationships.  Success.  Balance.  Health.  Beauty.  Approval.  Enlightenment.  Peace.  Whatever.

It becomes a type of internal prison and often people aren’t even aware of how insidious and pervasive it affects their whole life.

That which you chase you will never have.

All the chase leads to is more of the chase.

(And if that is what you want.  Go for it.)

I’ve talked about it before:  don’t try.

Just choose.  Choose you.

They don’t teach this in schools.  There is no Harvard MBA for this.  In fact, society teaches quite the opposite, don’t they?

I like this Zen gatha:

‘Chasing after the world

brings only chaos.

Allowing it all to come to me

Brings peace.’

Of course we are here to explore and create and desire is not a bad thing.   But a distinction needs to be made:

It’s the choice not to give your power away to the world but to be you.

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the love that is~



“I looked at my life, and it was also a river.” -Hermann Hesse


We are all in the habit of trying too hard in our lives.   Some more than others of course.

Breathe deep and see your life for what it is.

Breathe deep and feel where your body carries tensions new, old and ancient.

Breathe deep and see your choices and the manifestation and flow of life.

Have you ever tried to have a fight with the ocean or wind?  It doesn’t last too long, does it?  So, don’t bother trying so hard.  Stop fighting and resisting and denying whatever you are.

Even in the last 5 seconds of your life you will be choosing and experiencing what you will.   And of course the journey never really ends, does it?

Love is the allowance of all that is.  That is the energy of what we are, ultimately.  It is for you to observe and know that.

And to choose it.

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aging is not a given~


Are your choices aging you?

Have you ever wondered if there was another way to live, one where we don’t age in the usual way?

Of course this world will offer so many things to push and pull against.  If we let it.

Make relaxation more than a part of your life, make it your way of life.   That ease of being.  FEEL IT.  Practice letting go and allowing your life to be an expression of allowance.

It is the friction and tension and weight of our lives that ages us.  Our choices and perspectives.  Our choice not to go with the flow of things and move with that deeper river of energy.

Cultivate a daily practice that will replenish your energy and mind.  Whatever that may be for you.  And open yourself to something more.

To read more about this topic see my blog post ‘The Fountain of Youth does exist~’




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The paradox of problems~

balcony winter halo 2014

A problem often cannot be solved at the level or consciousness of the problem itself.  The mind will keep spinning and the walls will remain.

But open yourself to more and realize that you can create a new structure or paradigm for your life.   One that will present new limits and issues.

And the exploration will continue from there.

But ask yourself…

Are you here to solve problems?

Or, are you here for more?

An example from my own life would be this:

Recently I have been feeling like I am stagnant with my job.  I have looked for jobs of interest and nothing has happened yet.  So instead of ‘trying harder’ and getting frustrated, I am going on vacation to Jamaica!

Shift your perspective and energy and allow the rest to fall into place.  That is my approach to things, basically.

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Enjoy what you ‘don’t have’~

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the allowance of change~

pond reflection


That ‘more’ that we have always wanted in our lives begins to manifest when we allow change into our lives.

If we are energy then we are the allowance of all things, including change.

As otherwise it is a holding pattern.

And our life becomes a stagnant pond in which there is not a reflection of who we are.


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