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Mysterious cat

“Cats tell me without effort all there is to know.”

-Charles Bukowski


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The benefits of meditation~

heart light

The benefits are many and varied, of course.  That goes without saying and I won’t list them all here.  (Physical, emotional and mental well-being are at the top of the list.)

Meditation is not about having epiphanies or grand realizations that immediately lead to enlightenment (however you want to define that).

Meditation is about the daily choice and consistency that you give to yourself to support your movement into a deeper understanding and awareness.

And there will be shifts in your awareness.   Greater clarity will naturally arise and you will realize things like:

Oh yeah, I do try to control my relationship with X and I don’t have to.  In fact it is limiting things and damaging (in a way I did not see before).”


I have been trying so hard to accomplish X and I don’t have to.  I can easily accomplish what I want to do by allowing it to happen.  The work has been done and I can get out of the way.


Here is a new idea or clarity about X that I never had before.

And it will effortless and natural.   So there will be a shift in perception and thinking arising from a greater awareness of reality.

Meditation is about embracing more ease into your life.  An ease based on the observation and knowing of who you are.

And the daily choice to meditate is a choice that will lead to wonderful and amazing things and support you in your life.





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Nature does not hurry~

pond reflection

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

This passage from the Tao Te Ching speaks to the sufficiency within existence and ourselves.

It is a place within ourselves

and yet so far away

as we have lost touch with our ability to

simply be.


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A well-being trend that is coming out of Denmark/Norway is not a new business or product but a concept.  It is  hygge.

Generally translation of hygge:  the feeling of cozy contentment.

And of course this invokes imagery of hot chocolate/coffee and baking and wool socks and warm relaxation by the fireplace or sauna, etc.

And of course environment and such things are a big help in relaxing but ultimately hygge and such ideas are about finding that place within where we are not perturbed by anything.

That place is a place of beingness and has nothing to do per se with what is external.   The world could be falling apart and coming to an end and that does not mean we have to remove ourself from our beingness.

Exploring your vulnerability is an exploration of your beingness.

And how do you wish to live in the world?

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aging and beingness~


Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.” -David Bowie

What greater joy is there than being who you are?

Of course age does not matter.   We can choose our beingness at any age.

And what do you think keeps you young and living forever? 😉

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Life design

life design

Every moment of your life is an expression (or lack of expression) of who you are.

Your energy and choices create your life regardless of who you are or the life you live.

So, begin with where you are.

What would you like to create?

Change the paradigm in which you live, the very rules in which you live by.   If you want.   Or play in the box you currently live in.   Your worldview.  Your perspectives.   Be aware of your choices and explore new directions.

You are free to change jobs, change careers, change relationships.   You are free to deepen your existing relationships or explore the relationship of all things.

What is it you truly want?   It is important to begin with you.   Your internal landscape.  Your energy and state of being.  Everything else will flow from there.

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Express yourself~


 Every choice out of fear

is a denial

of who you truly are.

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