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The practice of love~


If you are not open to the world

and life

then are you being honest with yourself?

If your life is out of balance

where are you holding energy?

Be a lover and introduce ease into things.

The other way of doing things

is what everyone else does.


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Tim Bergling (1989 – 2018) 

We all die.

And we never die.



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Chasing after the world~


Perhaps the biggest dis-ease in the world today is living life on the Hamster Wheel.

The constant grind and struggle and pursuit of something:  Money.   Job.  Career.  Relationships.  Success.  Balance.  Health.  Beauty.  Approval.  Enlightenment.  Peace.  Whatever.

It becomes a type of internal prison and often people aren’t even aware of how insidious and pervasive it affects their whole life.

That which you chase you will never have.

All the chase leads to is more of the chase.

(And if that is what you want.  Go for it.)

I’ve talked about it before:  don’t try.

Just choose.  Choose you.

They don’t teach this in schools.  There is no Harvard MBA for this.  In fact, society teaches quite the opposite, don’t they?

I like this Zen gatha:

‘Chasing after the world

brings only chaos.

Allowing it all to come to me

Brings peace.’

Of course we are here to explore and create and desire is not a bad thing.   But a distinction needs to be made:

It’s the choice not to give your power away to the world but to be you.

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the importance of dreaming and desire~

kitty in grass

“I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee, and (chorus)”

Carly Simon, “You’re So Vain”

Life is but a dream.

There is more truth in the children’s song “Row, row row your boat” than one might imagine.

And you may achieve your dreams or not; you may create new dreams or abandon your dreams altogether; you may make your life the dream, or not.

There is always the possibility to reinvent yourself anew or go in a new direction.

The thing is this:  Your life is the dream.  And if you are not allowing the movement of your desire and energy into your life than you are cutting yourself off from something essential.

And at that point you may as well kiss your life good-bye as it is all but over.

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poverty consciousness~

kid tree

There are governments and organizations and people in the world, very well-meaning to be sure, with an intent at ‘eliminating poverty’.

What they do not understand is that poverty is not a circumstance but a state of mind or consciousness.  A holding pattern of lack.

And no amount of money or intervention will change that.  Poverty will remain until humanity shifts its thinking and how it sees itself, as individuals and as a group.

It should be instilled into every child in the family home and in our schools and everywhere – an approach and teaching that is simply this:


Without a true understanding of what this means and what allows change there will be a continuance of the problems that plague humanity.  Everything from crime to poverty to illness of every kind.

And on the flip-side, it is interesting that many people think they have a wealth consciousness but do they really?

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the love that is~



“I looked at my life, and it was also a river.” -Hermann Hesse


We are all in the habit of trying too hard in our lives.   Some more than others of course.

Breathe deep and see your life for what it is.

Breathe deep and feel where your body carries tensions new, old and ancient.

Breathe deep and see your choices and the manifestation and flow of life.

Have you ever tried to have a fight with the ocean or wind?  It doesn’t last too long, does it?  So, don’t bother trying so hard.  Stop fighting and resisting and denying whatever you are.

Even in the last 5 seconds of your life you will be choosing and experiencing what you will.   And of course the journey never really ends, does it?

Love is the allowance of all that is.  That is the energy of what we are, ultimately.  It is for you to observe and know that.

And to choose it.

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Living a ‘soul’ directed life~

splinter jen mark

(Splinter, Jen and Mark in west-Negril, Nov 2017)

When I was a boy and teenager I never understood the term ‘soul’.  It made no sense.  I came across it in either a religious or scholarly context that seemed abstract and removed from my life.

And it wasn’t until many years later that the term “essence” or “soul-essence” finally clicked in and I realized what it was – that it was me, my true essence and energy that these terms refer to.  The deeper part of yourself beyond the ego-personality role.

And that was a turning point for me.  Because it meant that it was all eminently and infinitely practical.  For me it was more real than the reality in which we give our power away to.

It meant that understanding of the universe and life was possible and that I could start to grow in understanding and awareness.  It meant that I could start to live from that place.

And I am still exploring and choosing this in my life.  It is a simple choice that drives my life and choices and I do not always come from that place but it has become easier over the years.

Connecting with that energy opens up so much because it is the energy of existence.  That place which we are all one.  And the choice is a consistency and broadening beyond anything else.

Love is what we are.

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