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The wisdom of Bill Murray~

bill murray

As I once said to one of my brothers, ‘This is your life, not a rehearsal.’  Somewhere there’s a score being kept, so you have an obligation to live life as well as you can, be as engaged as you can.  The human condition means that we can zone out and forget what the hell we’re doing.  So the secret is to have a sense of yourself, your real self, your unique self.  And not just once in a while, or once a day, but all through the day, the week, and life.  You know what they say: ‘Ain’t no try, ain’t nothing to it but to do it.

-Bill Murray


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the larger perspective~


The universe is big place.  We actually have to use our imagination to even start to comprehend the scale and size of it.  (I won’t get into how imagination informs reality.)

The only comparison is the infinite world of sub-atomic particles which is equally as vast.  Ultimately you can say they are the same thing.

And within all of this is the point in space and time in which you exist.  Your physicality, your life, your perception and awareness of things.  Your awareness of you.

Realize something important here.  Everyone has an “environmental situation” in which they live and in which they are born into.  The essence you are chose to be here.  And chooses to be here.  And it is you here right now making choices that determines what your life is and will become.

That is a powerful idea and can become your awareness.

It is the opposite of the victim mentality that exists in the world today.

Living in awareness will open you to different ways of living that will expand and grow your existence.


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these posts that I share~


When these reflections that I share

do not seem simple or short or ready and ripe

I give it a day or week or month

to cut away the dead wood and bark

and arrive at clarity.

Or, I do not.  And just post them as they are.

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Give it all up.


Do you want to explore the nature of reality and existence?

~Then give up what you think it’s all about~

Do you wish to connect with what is sacred?

~Then give up your holy texts~

Do you want to know what love truly is?

~Then give up your definitions of love~

Do you wish to connect with your essence?

~Then let go of who and what you think you are~

And so it begins.

No one ever said this journey was going to be easy but it’s the best ride around.

And it’s infinitely worth it.

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You are that which you seek.


The oneness that you are

 the oneness of existence

encompasses your perspectives of separation.

It encompasses your limits and every choice.

What do you think love is?

Everything that is

or that could possibly be

is encompassed, supported and infused by something

that you are not separate from.

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There is an interesting Spanish word that I love.  It is Querencia.

Querencia has been described as a place where one feels secure and where our strength is drawn from.  It is a place of ease in which we know exactly who we are, and the place from which we speak our deepest truth.

In bullfighting parlance it describes when a bull stops reacting out of fear to the Matador but pauses to center himself.   From here it becomes almost impossible to kill the bull and a dangerous time for the Matador.

It is interesting that as a verb “querer” means “to desire.”  And it is infinitely worth pausing and asking the basic question of what that deeper part of ourself wants.

Desire in this context is not the petty desire of trying to fulfill your craving for Doritos or playing a game of your ego-personality but something much more.

It speaks to the very heart and essence of life.  The movement of your soul.

What do you desire to create, to feel, to express and be in the world?  What is possible for your desire to open you up to?

Querencia is a state of being.  It is your place of power.  It is that place you can choose to live from.

It is that movement and evolution of you as you.


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Would you believe…?

rocky shore

Let me tell you about love.

It is not about the walls you have built to keep you safe and protected.

It is not about the distance you have created between yourself and existence.

Sure we are here experiencing life.  We have learned, laughed, loved, cried, grown.  Survived the curveballs life has thrown our way.

But love isn’t about holding back or playing it small.

Or waiting till next time.

It isn’t about being weak or meek or afraid.

It isn’t about repetition and routine.  The vacuuming on Tuesday, laundry on Sunday.

It isn’t about judging yourself for that pimple on your forehead or that choice you made that you still regret.

Love isn’t about giving your power away to anything ‘outside’ yourself, the illusion that is this world.   The illusion that is your life, your roles, your false identity.

What if I were to tell you that you are love.  Would you believe it?

What if I were to tell you that what you have always been looking for is simply… you.

Why are you so afraid of your vulnerability?

You can stay in your comfort zone, your shell.  You can even play the game of ‘this is me expanding my comfort zone’.  Or there is another choice.  And it is a choice.

Open yourself to existence.

Choose to go inside yourself.

Connect with the essence you are.

(The simplicity, ease and joy of that.)



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