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Your greatest treasure~


This world can fall apart.

The sky can fall.

Everything you have known to be your life can turn to ruin.

But there is a something that you will never lose.

It is a treasure worth more than all the gold and money and Bitcoin there is.

Your greatest treasure is that which you are.  Your essence.

It is your real worth.  Beyond measure or compare.

It represents an ease and vitality that cannot be sold or stolen or given away.

The essence you are

is the treasure in this turbulent and unpredictable world.

Do you choose to accept this?

Do you choose to reflect this?

Do you choose to live this?



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The gift of pause~

pond reflection

It doesn’t take the study of Upanishads or sutras up on some cliff in Nepal.

It doesn’t take years of chanting Om or genuflecting before a Guru or backpacking across the world.

You don’t need crystals or spirit guides or Jesus or Jehovah.

You don’t need any knowledge of spiritual terminology or practices.

You don’t need a kinesiology muscle or consciousness calibration test.

There are no steps or techniques.

It doesn’t cost money and doesn’t require much at all (just a bit of willingness and openness).

It is simplicity itself.  (Which is why so few are drawn to it)

In fact, pausing is about doing nothing at all.  The art of letting go.

Connecting deeper and deeper.  Feeling what arises but letting go to the point where it is just you with… yourself.

And in a moment you will meet that deeper place of You.

And nothing will be the same.

In a moment of pause, find out what is possible.

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The deeper exploration of Tai Chi and Qigong~ (and how it applies to you)

old man tai chi

There is a concept that is an integral part of Tai Chi and Qigong and other internal arts that applies to everyone looking to expand their existence.

It’s called ‘sung’.  And it goes far beyond relaxation (although relaxation in no small achievement).

Sung is partly about going deeper by letting go or releasing and dissolving tension and blocks.  Not just the tension in the physical body but in every part of the self.  And it’s also about connecting with that place of ease deep within where our movement in the world can be unhindered.

To become truly sung means to see the world and yourself with clarity.  To the point where your relationship with everything else is an exploration of interconnection and oneness.

Look at it this way:  you see yourself as a physical entity living in the world and that everything is separate from you in the sense that it is ‘external’.  From that perspective it is a literal impossibility to be truly at ease and peace with yourself as your mind will be in survival/control mode evaluating, judging, planning dissecting, preventing, organizing, thinking, doubting, worrying, justifying.  Busy-busy-busy.   Tension, stress, control.   As you are literally up against a universe of potential conflict and problems.

To be truly sung is about exploring the energy of oneness, the energy of allowance in the universe.   It’s an opportunity to move with the essence of energy.   A place of being and understanding where there is a ease and a broadening.

So it is a way of experiencing yourself, experiencing reality in a new way.  A more complete and holistic way where everything opens up.

So it may look like a simple thing but beneath the form of Tai Chi and Qigong there are radical and transformative things happening.  For those that choose to explore that.

The possibilities are endless.

End note:  there is a Tai Chi master, Adam Mizner, who has a passion for what sung is and often talks about and shows the martial applications.  Check out his online videos.

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Shifting your perception of the world~


Your perception of the world, of existence, is not a static thing.

Think about how powerful that is.

Think of the opportunity that is and the unlimited possibilities.

You are not separate from anyone else.

You are not separate from anything.

The tension and heartache that comes from living in this world only happens because we have bought into something that is not true.

Open yourself to the possibility of more.

See beyond what your mind perceives as “real” to a place where your heart knows the truth of something much larger.

It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with religion or sidestepping into another box in which to view the world.

It’s about connecting with the essence of energy that you are.   An essence that ultimately unites everything.

In the space between your thoughts and perceptions and moments you call your life….

you will begin to get a sense of it.

If you are ready, interested, and choose to explore that direction.

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The seasons of life and change~

leaf on water

One of the great things about living in Canada is that you really get to experience each of the four seasons in all their fullness.  And each day has nuance and subtle shifts.

And such is our lives.  There will be times when nothing seems to be going right and times when everything seems to flow like magic.

I ran into a friend recently that I hadn’t seen in many months and after some conversation he mentioned that he ran into a whole host of different nasty health issues that took up a lot of his time and energy.  But now he was doing better and with his sense of humor and fun perspective of life was looking forward to a better flow of things.  He was waking up to the realization that life has those cycles and the importance of proper perspective.

And those of you who have experienced the bad and dark times when it looked like everything was collapsing and your life was imploding… haven’t you always survived?  And more than survived but gone on to enjoy life again?

When it seems darkest just remember that the sun is coming soon.

By observing nature and the flow of seasons, in whatever part of the world you are in,  as well as everything around you, it is possible to get in touch with the impermanent and transient nature of reality.  The illusion that it is.  And so when shit comes up in life we can address it with an understanding that allows us calm and we are not easily thrown off balance.

And when you observe what changes you will get a sense of something which is consistent and so broad that it underlies all the structure you have set up and designed your life as.

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Moving beyond technique~


Even if you can’t pronounce or spell his name, you’ve got to like Joaquin Phoenix.   He’s not Hollywood hollow and he’s his own person working in an industry that specializes in Faustian trade-offs.

I haven’t exactly seen all of his movies or read up about him but over the years it’s clear  that he’s made some interesting choices and is dedicated to the art and craft of his profession.  In a recent interview for his new movie Don’t Worry.  He Won’t Get Far on Foot he mentions:

I’ve never really understood what ‘method’ was.  I don’t know really precisely what that means, so I don’t really have method that I know of, but I guess you could say it’s not me coming up with lines, it’s about trying to have an experience.”

And what an amazing approach it that?  It’s one that will serve him well and looks like it already has.  And it comes as little surprise he will be tackling the role of Joker in another Batman installment coming out next year.

It’s all too easy to rely on methods, techniques and ‘how-to’s’ but can stunt our growth and limit what we can experience.

And experiencing life is what we are here for.  Live from your essence and choose more.


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Your ‘reserve’~

subway car nyc

Grabbin’ / And grabbin’ / And grabbin / And grabbin’ / Til what we’re grabbin’ / Is grabbin’ / And it don’t let go / It won’t let go / We can’t let go / We push we pull / We constantly feed / But we’re never full’

Subway Stations of the Cross, Ins Choi with illustrations by Guno Park



Unconsciously living from a perspective of lack.


Consciously choosing

from that place within ourselves

that can never be fully exhausted.

Call it by whatever you want.

(imagine the difference)


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