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You are the exploration~

wheat field

Growing up in Saskatchewan there was lots of space.  Not just to move around but to reflect and contemplate existence.

Regina was not a big city (you could drive across it in 10 minutes by car) and there was a slow pace to life – even more so in the country where the wheat fields stretch out to horizon and the wind creates waves and sway like the ocean.

Some of the most memorable and happiest times of my life have been the space of just existing, being alive and feeling the vastness yet interconnection of everything.  Where everything starts flowing together and you are aligned with the deeper energy of things and infuse yourself into that movement.

It’s like going to an amusement park.  You have to choose to go on the ride and then buckle up.

If you pay attention, the universe is speaking to you, nodding and nudging, whispering, asking and begging to play and create with and through you but you have to listen carefully.

In your interaction with anything or anyone, even yourself you can create a movement.

You can feel the ‘more’.   The interconnection and oneness.



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the choice that heals~


The main thing I know about healing is that is requires choosing.  Maybe that is the only thing that I know about it really, but it is enough.

A year back I had injured a rib and it was one of those annoying injuries that affects your mobility.  And I was trying to not let it affect my life too much and one day doing my simple yoga routine in the park I was shifting into Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) and my injured rib went CRACK! as I lifted my arm above my head to the sky.  I felt my rib or something snap.

Well that’s what I got for not really listening to my body.

So the rib injury was much more acute now and greatly affected my movement.  It was lingering for weeks.  And one day I realized that I had experienced it enough and did not want to anymore.

And in a moment I made a choice to heal and simultaneously felt the rib shift.  The healing was instant and complete.

And it did not require a touch or anything.  Just a choice.  But in that choice was a clarity and definiteness.  An ease.  In fact the Asymya I did on it in the preceding days did not do much for it because underlying the energy work there wasn’t the full choice to shift and heal.  I was sort of just going through the motions.

Choosing connects us back with our power.   It is our empowerment.  It is not anything or anyone outside of yourself that heals you.  Only you can heal you.  And really, would you want it any other way?

Of course healing is a topic that leads to a discussion of the oneness of things.

And there is everything to explore in existence, is there not?

(May 26, 2016)

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The exploration is the thing.

azure waters

‘Azure.  All told a year of water.

Some places with no bottom.

I had hoped to understand it

But it wasn’t possible.  Fish.’

Jim Harrison, Songs of Unreason (2011)

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peripatetic existence~

leaf on water

Don’t be attached to how you think your life should be.

Be like the peripatetic traveler who is open to new things.

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stop trying~

seagull and ocean

Controlling anything is not possible.

Trying to control existence is like telling the ocean what to do.

It doesn’t work.

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always and forever~


As we live this human experience let’s recognize that we’re here to empower ourselves.

There are a million ways to reduce and contract our existence.

But we can choose to be in this world and ~whatever circumstance arises~ we can choose to move through it by being connected to our source.

It’s about more than faith.  It’s about knowing who you are and knowing that in each moment we have a choice.  Not only that, but the knowing that we are, in fact, the energy of choice.

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Give it all up.


Do you want to explore the nature of reality and existence?

~Then give up what you think it’s all about~

Do you wish to connect with what is sacred?

~Then give up your holy texts~

Do you want to know what love truly is?

~Then give up your definitions of love~

Do you wish to connect with your essence?

~Then let go of who and what you think you are~

And so it begins.

No one ever said this journey was going to be easy but it’s the best ride around.

And it’s infinitely worth it.

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