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Where do you think it all comes from?


You can travel the world several times over.

You can travel the deserts and seas and cities and towns and villages of this little planet and behold it all.

You can journey to the farthest reaches of space where the universe has life forms and creations that your imagination cannot even comprehend.

You can create amazing things in your life and experience so much.

But don’t forget that it is all the journey of you. 

~The journey of you discovering you~

and moving deeper into awareness.  

Open yourself to the interconnection and oneness of existence.   As seeing yourself as separate from anything or everything is getting a little boring, isn’t it?

And you have everything to explore.


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Would you believe…?

rocky shore

Let me tell you about love.

It is not about the walls you have built to keep you safe and protected.

It is not about the distance you have created between yourself and existence.

Sure we are here experiencing life.  We have learned, laughed, loved, cried, grown.  Survived the curveballs life has thrown our way.

But love isn’t about holding back or playing it small.

Or waiting till next time.

It isn’t about being weak or meek or afraid.

It isn’t about repetition and routine.  The vacuuming on Tuesday, laundry on Sunday.

It isn’t about judging yourself for that pimple on your forehead or that choice you made that you still regret.

Love isn’t about giving your power away to anything ‘outside’ yourself, the illusion that is this world.   The illusion that is your life, your roles, your false identity.

What if I were to tell you that you are love.  Would you believe it?

What if I were to tell you that what you have always been looking for is simply… you.

Why are you so afraid of your vulnerability?

You can stay in your comfort zone, your shell.  You can even play the game of ‘this is me expanding my comfort zone’.  Or there is another choice.  And it is a choice.

Open yourself to existence.

Choose to go inside yourself.

Connect with the essence you are.

(The simplicity, ease and joy of that.)



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Life is everywhere~

dragonfly sun

Life is the trees and grass you move by.

It is the magpies as they look up at you and chirp.

It is the rain and water and clouds and sky.

It is in the sun and stars and infinite reaches of space in which this little planet is less than a speck.

It is the smile of children and loved ones but also the expressionless millions that walk and bus and drive to work each morning.

It is in that creep who gave you a smile.

It is the creative energy it took to construct the dwellings and cityscape you live in.

It is your relationships and desires and imagination and movement.

It is the love and lack of love you have for yourself.

It encompasses your expansions and contractions throughout life.  Your smiles and sorrow and all.

It is the creative impetus that gave rise to life here and everywhere.

It is the choice you made to be here now.   To come into physical existence the way you have, isn’t it?

Life is everywhere.  It is what we experience, what we create, what we choose.  It is You.

See it.

Feel it.

You are the energy of life.  The essence of existence.

Are you not?

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Good for you.

life experience

You have reached a certain understanding of yourself and your relationship with the world.  Good for you.

You have read some books and consider yourself to be smart and up-to-date on current affairs.  Good for you.

You have a family and career and meet your monthly expenses and even have some savings for retirement.  Your pension should be enough.  Good for you.

You have friends who respect you and a dog you cuddle with in the evenings while watching your favorite TV show.  Good for you.

You have traveled a bit and seen some of the world and know a thing or two about life.   Good for you.

Life has been a roller coaster ride and at times you have been crushed by circumstances but have survived.   Good for you.

You have experienced life and you tell yourself you have no regrets.   And you manage to live to the ripe old age of 98.  Or you die of brain cancer or a car accident at 33.  Good for you.

You have lived life.  And that is why we are here.  To experience the experience of existence.  Are we not?

But what have you really achieved? 

How important is anything if you have not opened yourself to yourself and move beyond what you have already experienced (so many times in this and other lifetimes)?

How important is anything if you have not opened yourself to love?

You have nothing if you are not connected to yourself.  From one perspective it is everything and nothing else matters.  For in that connection with yourself is the awareness of the oneness of existence and more.

Within you is the energy of all possibility.

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your existence~

vespa tour rome

You will live your 30, 70 or 106 years of what you call your life.

But that is not the end, is it?

You’re existence extends far beyond what you call your life.

And we are here.  Now.  We live and explore and create.

And what do you wish to experience in this grand adventure that is life?

Play it as small or large as you wish.

But haven’t we already explored and experienced fully what ‘playing it small’ is?

In my life I certainly have.   Contracting my existence to the point of not even being here.

And now I choose the other direction.

What is your choice?

What would you like your life to be a reflection of?

Your fears or your essence being?

What qualities would you like to embody, experience, and be an example of?


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