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You are the exploration~

wheat field

Growing up in Saskatchewan there was lots of space.  Not just to move around but to reflect and contemplate existence.

Regina was not a big city (you could drive across it in 10 minutes by car) and there was a slow pace to life – even more so in the country where the wheat fields stretch out to horizon and the wind creates waves and sway like the ocean.

Some of the most memorable and happiest times of my life have been the space of just existing, being alive and feeling the vastness yet interconnection of everything.  Where everything starts flowing together and you are aligned with the deeper energy of things and infuse yourself into that movement.

It’s like going to an amusement park.  You have to choose to go on the ride and then buckle up.

If you pay attention, the universe is speaking to you, nodding and nudging, whispering, asking and begging to play and create with and through you but you have to listen carefully.

In your interaction with anything or anyone, even yourself you can create a movement.

You can feel the ‘more’.   The interconnection and oneness.



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Explore what is possible~


You are caught up with your illusions.

Do you choose to move beyond them?

Create a movement in your life and explore that.

Open yourself up, be vulnerable and explore universal mysteries.

Explore ‘the more’ that you are.

and create a life that you can say:

“I finally woke up”.



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from self-help to self-love~


I think my first ‘self-help’ book was in the form of a little offering at a Safeway cash register when I was seven years old.  It was on meditation and I loved it even though it was “how-to” form oriented.

As a young teenager I read Napoleon Hill and Anthony Robbins and many others which were interesting but I didn’t get much out of that whole genre.  In a sense even the Tao Te Ching is a self-help book really.  Eventually I read thousands of books, searching, exploring, always looking for that elusive something I was trying to connect with and remember.

But it wasn’t in a book where I found what I was looking for.

And it wasn’t in any teaching.

It was within me.  It was me.

I was using books as a way not to connect with myself.  It was a waiting period (that lasted for many years).  Books only pointed to a direction, and most didn’t even do that.   Books can only go so far in what they give to us.  Years ago I gave away all of my books and only read for pleasure now 🙂

And that is why I kept my book Ayama’s Journey short and used a story to communicate what I wanted to express and share with the world.

To begin the journey of self-discovery is simply to appreciate and love yourself.  When we are ready and choose, it all begins.

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Pick a number between 1 and 10~


As a boy six or seven years old, I remember doing an experiment with my mom and sister.

We sat on the floor and rolled dice.  It was for a research paper my mom was doing for a Psych class at the time and it became clear quickly that more than randomness was at play.

I told them that I was going to roll 3’s with the set of dice and my sister did a similar thing and it soon became a statistical impossibility that luck was at play in the number of times a 3 was rolled.   That is a fun memory.

But psychic ability is about much more than what the media tends to portray.  It goes beyond merely finding lost keys or people communicating with a dead relative.

As awareness expands so does psychic ability.   As it is an inner knowing of things.  Nothing to get caught up about or blow the horn about.

Another example from my life is that I can look at a person and will just know things about them – from an energetic standpoint, and just know who they are and what their choices are.

That this ability even exists is a reflection of the oneness of existence.  And it has been said many times — you are not separate from anything (even though it is one of the most popular games people play with themselves and others).

Real psychic ability is not a common thing at all even though it is often said that “anyone can become a psychic”.  That is not true.  It is not true because it is simply not their choice (ie. to observe existence and see things as they are).

Real psychic ability is a by-product of your movement and exploration of the oneness and interconnection of all things.

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The amazing Georgia O’Keeffe~


She was an explorer and as an artist lived life her own way.

What impresses most about her is that she had a lifelong commitment to going deeper into the heart of things.  The essence.  And lived a long, active life.

It’s interesting to note that she lived in two very contrasting places:  the hustle and density of NYC and the solitude and mystery of New Mexico.

Three revealing quotes:

Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.”

I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.”


I decided to start anew-to strip away what I had been taught, to accept as true my own thinking. This was one of the best times of my life. There was no one around to look at what I was doing, no one interested, no one to say anything about it one way or another. I was alone and singularly free, working into my own, unknown-no one to satisfy but myself. I began with charcoal and paper and decided not to use any color until it was impossible to do what I wanted to do in black and white. I believe it was June before I needed blue.

-Georgia O’Keeffe (1977). “Georgia O’Keeffe”, Viking Pr

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The next leap in A.I. is here.

The exploration is what is important.

Discovery.  Self-learning.

Making your own choices.

And ultimately being aware of your choices and what is possible.

Exploring what is possible.

And advancements in A.I. are real and here, now.



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The exploration is the thing.

azure waters

‘Azure.  All told a year of water.

Some places with no bottom.

I had hoped to understand it

But it wasn’t possible.  Fish.’

Jim Harrison, Songs of Unreason (2011)

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