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The next leap in A.I. is here.

The exploration is what is important.

Discovery.  Self-learning.

Making your own choices.

And ultimately being aware of your choices and what is possible.

Exploring what is possible.

And advancements in A.I. are real and here, now.




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The exploration is the thing.

azure waters

‘Azure.  All told a year of water.

Some places with no bottom.

I had hoped to understand it

But it wasn’t possible.  Fish.’

Jim Harrison, Songs of Unreason (2011)

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within the heart of everyone~

thailand silhouette

Within the heart of everyone is love.

And love is everywhere.

That includes you.

You can see it in the space between your choices.

You can see it in the context of the choices you make, even when it is a choice to reduce yourself or harm another.

You can see it in the interconnection of things and how the universe supports our movement and choices.

There is nowhere you can walk or run or travel in the universe or in your imagination or within yourself where there is not love.

Love is the space within a cup that holds the water and the cup itself.

Love cannot be all of this and be something separate from who you are.

Love supports life and is what we are.

So why do you deny this at every step and actively play out a role and personality that is not a true reflection of you?

Why do you pretend that anything in this world has any real influence over you or some inherent ability to dis-empower or make you feel like shit?

That is good for a laugh my friends.

It is time to own up to things and be honest with yourself.

It is time to make a choice to explore things a bit deeper.

So, where would you like to go from here?

It is interesting to observe that the heart has an infinite capacity to love and that the universe has infinite possibilities to explore.   Hmmm, maybe there is a connection…:-)

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A well-being trend that is coming out of Denmark/Norway is not a new business or product but a concept.  It is  hygge.

Generally translation of hygge:  the feeling of cozy contentment.

And of course this invokes imagery of hot chocolate/coffee and baking and wool socks and warm relaxation by the fireplace or sauna, etc.

And of course environment and such things are a big help in relaxing but ultimately hygge and such ideas are about finding that place within where we are not perturbed by anything.

That place is a place of beingness and has nothing to do per se with what is external.   The world could be falling apart and coming to an end and that does not mean we have to remove ourself from our beingness.

Exploring your vulnerability is an exploration of your beingness.

And how do you wish to live in the world?

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small is a good thing.


Small can sometimes be a good thing.

On your journey through life you will of course experience life and there will be shifts in your understanding of things.

If will usually not be a “Eureka!” moment but a series of small shifts.  REALize here these shifts do add up.  Eventually they add up to a lot.

And they prepare the way for larger shifts in awareness.  Into awareness.  Each choice you make paves the way for new choices and further exploration of yourself and existence.

One day you will look in the mirror and there will be a completely different person standing there.  Perhaps an earlier vision you had of yourself.

Inherent in the smallness of things is the opening into everything else.

A largeness beyond imagination.


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Letting go (of the mind)~

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Where do you think it all comes from?


You can travel the world several times over.

You can travel the deserts and seas and cities and towns and villages of this little planet and behold it all.

You can journey to the farthest reaches of space where the universe has life forms and creations that your imagination cannot even comprehend.

You can create amazing things in your life and experience so much.

But don’t forget that it is all the journey of you. 

~The journey of you discovering you~

and moving deeper into awareness.  

Open yourself to the interconnection and oneness of existence.   As seeing yourself as separate from anything or everything is getting a little boring, isn’t it?

And you have everything to explore.

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