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What is your choice?


Observe your movement through time and space.

Observe what you call your life, your choices.

Where do you think it all leads to?

Atheists like to play the game that none of it matters.

Those that are into religion like to play the game that basically everything is separate and beyond themselves.

But how real are they with themselves?

But what is your choice in life?

What are you willing to open to?


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Shopping today at a vintage store I found a beautifully framed picture of a series of doors from the U.A.E..  Arab design and architecture is mystical and minimal and speaks volumes and ignites the imagination.  I love it.

And aren’t doorways something wonderful?

You can step through them and there is always the possibility of something new on the other side.   Or something more.  Or a continuation of the exploration.

We go through many doorways in our lives.  And some doors we do not go through.  Some doorways are hidden because they are within. 

And until you see or come to know these doorways you cannot step through them.


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There is an interesting Spanish word that I love.  It is Querencia.

Querencia has been described as a place where one feels secure and where our strength is drawn from.  It is a place of ease in which we know exactly who we are, and the place from which we speak our deepest truth.

In bullfighting parlance it describes when a bull stops reacting out of fear to the Matador but pauses to center himself.   From here it becomes almost impossible to kill the bull and a dangerous time for the Matador.

It is interesting that as a verb “querer” means “to desire.”  And it is infinitely worth pausing and asking the basic question of what that deeper part of ourself wants.

Desire in this context is not the petty desire of trying to fulfill your craving for Doritos or playing a game of your ego-personality but something much more.

It speaks to the very heart and essence of life.  The movement of your soul.

What do you desire to create, to feel, to express and be in the world?  What is possible for your desire to open you up to?

Querencia is a state of being.  It is your place of power.  It is that place you can choose to live from.

It is that movement and evolution of you as you.


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The perception of time~

child and senior


This movement that you call your life.

This passage of time.

Consider what time really is.

Consider that it is much more than you have thought it is.

Feel this river of ‘life’ and experience.

You perceive a movement, a perspective of change and growth and decline.

And you name it.  You call it time.

(And everything is therefore measured, judged and controlled.)

Beyond this perspective what else could “time” truly be?

And what would it mean to open yourself to something beyond the influence of your perceptions?

Observe.  This is a direction your mind will quickly steer away from.



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worth asking~

joy of life

What is more important…

~to have the answers?

~or to ask the questions?


would you say that answers are inherent

in the questions themselves?

Is there a question in you right now that you have never asked before?

Is there something that you would like to explore?

Expand your imagination and find out.

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You are the river~


Consider your life to be as one long river.

Does connecting within to that greater movement and energy scare or excite you?

Do not be afraid.  It is a homecoming.

When will you embrace the totality of that which you are?

You perceive the world and stars above and other people.

And where do you think all of your choices ultimately lead?

What awareness will your movement arrive at?

What lies beyond your perceptions?

What is beyond any one particular form or manifestation?

There is no beginning or end to that which you are.

And within a few seconds or a minute your mind will successfully distract you from moving in this direction.





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The relationship of things.


We live in a very causal way.  Not casual but causal.  Cause and effect.

So everything is relative to something else.

We have a defined and perceived relationship with everyone and everything.  All of our mental and emotional activity and perceptions are in terms of relationship with another, something else:

Think about it:

  • When you walk down a street and someone unknown walks by they are viewed as a stranger.  Someone unknown.
  • ‘Movement’ and ‘growth’ in your life is seen in relation to perceptions of the past/future or physical objects.
  • ‘Money’ is seen as something outside of yourself and something to accumulate.
  • ‘Patience’ implies an enduring some hardship or trial with another person or situation.
  • ‘Anger’ is in relation to some other person or circumstance.  A reaction.
  • ‘Health’ is seen as the absence of disease.
  • The ‘environment’ you are in is seen as external to yourselves.  Not part of your energy.

And we define ourselves by our judgements, our many relationships.  Our separation.  Ultimately this ‘relationship’ is not with another person or something outside but with ourselves.

When the choice is made to start seeing things as energy and you observe the inter-relationship of existence, then there is movement into new ways of living and being in the world.  New ways of seeing.  There is no longer the necessity to hold to rigid patterns or behavior or to make judgements about everything.

The experience and exploration of life becomes an exploration of our relationship with everything.  An appreciation of the oneness.

And what is more exciting than that?

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