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Your vision of You~


I found myself feeling overwhelmed recently.

I was juggling many different and new things for weeks and some toxic stuff was happening at work.   The specifics of that are not important for things always pop up in life that can pull us from our state of being.

And I shifted back into my preferred state of being by asking a simple question:

What is the (highest/boldest) vision you have of yourself?

It is a powerful question as immediately it opens up the field of possibility and imagination and facilitates an awareness of where we are now and what our current choices are.  It connects you with your passions.

In other words, where would you like to be?  What directions would you like to explore?  Think about!  Wonder about!  Feel it!  What is the highest vision of you that you would like to connect with, choose, create and experience?

Shifting states is something you can do in a moment, or very quickly.  With practice, by being aware it is possible to instantly upshift to an empowered state of being.  Remember, you are the energy of possibility and can move in any direction, as you so choose.  Can you not?

Awareness is a practice to shift deeper into awareness.  Awareness is our natural place of being and more.


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