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The essential oil connection~

Does the essential-oil trend pass the smell test?

I love essential oils.

They are refreshing and invigorating and can be intoxicating (in a good way).

And when they blend with a person’s body chemistry what smells better?

Essential oils ignite the senses, open the imagination, effect mood in a magical way and are just plain fun.

And isn’t it interesting how strong associations can form between our experiences and scent and colors?

Something about oils just makes you feel good and your soul sing.

Some are subtle.  Some are strong.  Some come on strong but dissipate quickly.  Some have lasting power.  Each have their own unique characteristics.

Kind of like our own personalities 🙂

Engage your sense of play and discovery and see where it takes you.



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Anything is possible~

bob welch french kiss

“You are here and warm
But I could look away and you’d be gone
Cause we live in a time
When meaning falls in splinters from our lives
And that’s why I’ve traveled far
‘Cause I come so together where you are”

–“Sentimental Lady” by Bob Welch (1945-2012)

Even as a boy I had a certain feeling about time.  A distinct sense that life is but a moment in time.  And over the decades this particular perception hasn’t changed at all.

You could even say all of time is a but a moment.

This moment called now.

How could that possibly be?

Past and future are but judgments made from the now.  A perception.  A choice.  It also speaks to the oneness of existence.

And you wish to time travel and be in the year 1890?  Or 2068?  That’s as easy as being in this year, is it not?  So what keeps us firmly rooted to this particular time?

Simply this:  the mind.

So you could say that anything is possible if you but suspend the mind… for a moment.


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Your vision of You~


I found myself feeling overwhelmed recently.

I was juggling many different and new things for weeks and some toxic stuff was happening at work.   The specifics of that are not important for things always pop up in life that can pull us from our state of being.

And I shifted back into my preferred state of being by asking a simple question:

What is the (highest/boldest) vision you have of yourself?

It is a powerful question as immediately it opens up the field of possibility and imagination and facilitates an awareness of where we are now and what our current choices are.  It connects you with your passions.

In other words, where would you like to be?  What directions would you like to explore?  Think about!  Wonder about!  Feel it!  What is the highest vision of you that you would like to connect with, choose, create and experience?

Shifting states is something you can do in a moment, or very quickly.  With practice, by being aware it is possible to instantly upshift to an empowered state of being.  Remember, you are the energy of possibility and can move in any direction, as you so choose.  Can you not?

Awareness is a practice to shift deeper into awareness.  Awareness is our natural place of being and more.

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the experience of time~

rocky shore

A boy becomes a young man.  The young man becomes a middle-aged man.  The middle-aged man becomes an old man.

A girl becomes a young woman.  The young woman becomes a middle-aged woman.  The middle-aged woman becomes an old woman.

There is the passage of time.

We look in the mirror and depending on our age we see a face looking back at us that is commensurate with an age.   A face with a body to match.

We tell ourselves “I am now 20 years old.”  Or “I am now 72 years old.” and there is a movement of time, a perception of time and aging, isn’t there?  And psychologies which are deeply ingrained.

People move through their lives being utterly dominated by time.  Not commanding their lives but allowing time to enslave them.

“It is 10pm.   I have to work tomorrow.  Time for bed.  Or I won’t get my 7-8 hours of sleep.  And if I do not get my 7-8 hours of sleep I will be trashed tomorrow.  I have to catch the bus at 6:58am so I can be at work by 7:55am.”

Just the idea of ‘tomorrow’ is removing you from where you are now.  Your sufficiency in this moment.  Your beingness.  Perceptions of past and future, and what are the past and future but concepts based on judgements of the present moment.  Judgements which disempower you.

And we do things like create ‘bucket lists’:

“Before I die I want to go to Greece and visit the islands.”

Or, “When I retire I will take up photography which I have always thought about but never pursued.”

See the relationship between time and choice?

We create our experience of life.  Of time.

Create your bucket list.  Or live forever.

And you live forever by stepping out of time.  By seeing it as the illusion it is.

Choose your limitlessness and realize that you are possibility and choice.  It is inherent in who you are.  Inherent in your energy.  That does not mean that you have to manifest in any one particular way at a given moment.   That would be a game of control, not allowance.

You were once a little boy or girl.   You inhaled oxygen into your little lungs and stood open before the universe.  Open to magic and possibility.  Open to life.  Imagination engaged.

And in that moment, you just were.  No past, no future.

That same ‘moment’ as now.  And not even that.

The experience of existence.  Not time.

Observe your perception of time.  The definitions by which you age yourself.

Be open for understanding that there is much more than the limits you have defined your life and choices by up till now.




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Are you willing to open yourself?


It is easy to be hard.

It is easy to shut yourself off from the larger world around you.

And you see it daily in your lives, don’t you?  The games and egos at play and defences people erect and spend so much of their lives upholding.  On every level.

But how many of you are willing to open yourselves and put down your walls and defences?

What are you afraid of?  Getting hurt?

You hurt yourselves every day by not choosing love.

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Good for you.

life experience

You have reached a certain understanding of yourself and your relationship with the world.  Good for you.

You have read some books and consider yourself to be smart and up-to-date on current affairs.  Good for you.

You have a family and career and meet your monthly expenses and even have some savings for retirement.  Your pension should be enough.  Good for you.

You have friends who respect you and a dog you cuddle with in the evenings while watching your favorite TV show.  Good for you.

You have traveled a bit and seen some of the world and know a thing or two about life.   Good for you.

Life has been a roller coaster ride and at times you have been crushed by circumstances but have survived.   Good for you.

You have experienced life and you tell yourself you have no regrets.   And you manage to live to the ripe old age of 98.  Or you die of brain cancer or a car accident at 33.  Good for you.

You have lived life.  And that is why we are here.  To experience the experience of existence.  Are we not?

But what have you really achieved? 

How important is anything if you have not opened yourself to yourself and move beyond what you have already experienced (so many times in this and other lifetimes)?

How important is anything if you have not opened yourself to love?

You have nothing if you are not connected to yourself.  From one perspective it is everything and nothing else matters.  For in that connection with yourself is the awareness of the oneness of existence and more.

Within you is the energy of all possibility.

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What lies within~

desert sandals

There is no greater Teacher

than the one in


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