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this moment called now~

morning light - Copy

Anticipation of the future creates tension in your body and mind.

It pulls us from being present and seeing what is happening and dilutes the quality and intensity of life.

Of course we can use our imagination to inform and create our reality and lives – it’s what we do any way, isn’t it?  But why not just let this moment be enough?

This moment in which you are in is enough.

It is sufficient.  You are sufficient.

There is no great need that needs filling immediately this very moment.

The future will take care of itself if you take care of yourself right now.

Trust in your ability and power to choose in the moment as events arise and unfold.

Trust in your ability to allow things to come into your life and practice acceptance.

Trust in your ability to go in any direction you choose.

Trust in your ability to respond to respond effectively rather than react to things in this world.

As there is no ‘greater’ source or power than what lies deep within you.

You were not created as a lesser being and there is no lesser being in all of existence.

A homeless person or a president of a country or a billionaire are no better or worse than each other.   They are each simply choosing and experiencing life in their own way.  Nothing is inherently greater or lesser than another.  Observe that.  Religion would say otherwise but that is another topic.

Recognize what is being said here and how it applies to your life.

Just because something is not manifested in this very moment before your eyes doesn’t mean a lick.  Stop playing games thinking the universe has to be a certain way.


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Nature does not hurry~

pond reflection

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

This passage from the Tao Te Ching speaks to the sufficiency within existence and ourselves.

It is a place within ourselves

and yet so far away

as we have lost touch with our ability to

simply be.


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giving to yourself what you need~


One of the main things I’ve learned on the journey of my life so far is something that most people won’t find impressive or sexy.

It’s not something that’s going to appeal to a lot of people either.

But it is something essential in any progress you will make on your journey to realizing a deeper understanding of yourself and existence.

And it’s something I’ve mentioned before which is simply this:

You cannot get from anyone else what you must give to yourself.

Examine your life and choices and observe where your fears are.  Observe where you have perspectives of lack or insufficiency.  Observe the blocks in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self that need healing.  Examine your self-worth and just how accepting and loving you are of yourself.  Observe where you are “needy” or repeating a pattern that is no longer serving any purpose for you.  Observe any areas where you are stagnating.

And then choose to go in a new direction and let your choices and life reflect that.

I recall a time in my life I was left utterly devastated.  My first adult relationship was a very intense experience, an overseas soulmate connection that ended for different reasons but we were a mirror for internal things that needed healing.  And when it ended I was an emotional wreck and tried to fill that void by looking for “the One” everywhere I went.

But the positive from the relationship was that is showed me exactly what I needed to work on in myself:  I was emotionally needy.  And that was not a place I wanted to be as it would only attract more of the same and it was not a satisfying way to live.  So eventually I acknowledged that and chose to heal myself.

Your journey in life is an opportunity to become aware of yourself.  To become truly aware of yourself and be conscious of your choices.  And from that perspective what is sexier than that?

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Limitlessness is not a measurement of how high you can fly.

It is simply about your beingness.  Limitless is what we are.

A turtle does not have to grow wings and fly above the clouds to be limitless.  A turtle is limitless by being itself (which it does just fine).



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Mbah Gotho from Indonesia

When asked what his secret to longevity is, 145-year old Mbah Gotho from Indonesia simply mentions “patience”.

Patience is a quality that is similar to ‘allowance’ and I like the idea of living life not resisting everything or anything that comes up but simply opening ourselves to a state that is so encompassing that all is allowed.  (All possible choices)

Easier said than done, sure.  But at that point what is impossible?

Humanity is not even at the infancy stage in what it will aspire to and ultimately achieve.

Of course there are a few around who are much older than Mr. Gotho but that is not important.

The question is:  how long do you want to live?

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The order of things~

donkey smiling

“The life of man is of no greater importance to the universe than that of an oyster.” -David Hume

You are an integral part of the universe.

A piece of it that is connected with everything.

But that does not mean that you are more important than the donkey chewing on hay.

Or the slug that crawls up the leaf.

Or the prison convict or janitor or politician.

Or anyone or thing.

Eventually you will tire of your ego-personality and move beyond it.

To something more broadening.

Until then enjoy who you are and the role and games you play.

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously.



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the experience of time~

rocky shore

A boy becomes a young man.  The young man becomes a middle-aged man.  The middle-aged man becomes an old man.

A girl becomes a young woman.  The young woman becomes a middle-aged woman.  The middle-aged woman becomes an old woman.

There is the passage of time.

We look in the mirror and depending on our age we see a face looking back at us that is commensurate with an age.   A face with a body to match.

We tell ourselves “I am now 20 years old.”  Or “I am now 72 years old.” and there is a movement of time, a perception of time and aging, isn’t there?  And psychologies which are deeply ingrained.

People move through their lives being utterly dominated by time.  Not commanding their lives but allowing time to enslave them.

“It is 10pm.   I have to work tomorrow.  Time for bed.  Or I won’t get my 7-8 hours of sleep.  And if I do not get my 7-8 hours of sleep I will be trashed tomorrow.  I have to catch the bus at 6:58am so I can be at work by 7:55am.”

Just the idea of ‘tomorrow’ is removing you from where you are now.  Your sufficiency in this moment.  Your beingness.  Perceptions of past and future, and what are the past and future but concepts based on judgements of the present moment.  Judgements which disempower you.

And we do things like create ‘bucket lists’:

“Before I die I want to go to Greece and visit the islands.”

Or, “When I retire I will take up photography which I have always thought about but never pursued.”

See the relationship between time and choice?

We create our experience of life.  Of time.

Create your bucket list.  Or live forever.

And you live forever by stepping out of time.  By seeing it as the illusion it is.

Choose your limitlessness and realize that you are possibility and choice.  It is inherent in who you are.  Inherent in your energy.  That does not mean that you have to manifest in any one particular way at a given moment.   That would be a game of control, not allowance.

You were once a little boy or girl.   You inhaled oxygen into your little lungs and stood open before the universe.  Open to magic and possibility.  Open to life.  Imagination engaged.

And in that moment, you just were.  No past, no future.

That same ‘moment’ as now.  And not even that.

The experience of existence.  Not time.

Observe your perception of time.  The definitions by which you age yourself.

Be open for understanding that there is much more than the limits you have defined your life and choices by up till now.




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