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The deeper exploration of Tai Chi and Qigong~ (and how it applies to you)

old man tai chi

There is a concept that is an integral part of Tai Chi and Qigong and other internal arts that applies to everyone looking to expand their existence.

It’s called ‘sung’.  And it goes far beyond relaxation (although relaxation in no small achievement).

Sung is partly about going deeper by letting go or releasing and dissolving tension and blocks.  Not just the tension in the physical body but in every part of the self.  And it’s also about connecting with that place of ease deep within where our movement in the world can be unhindered.

To become truly sung means to see the world and yourself with clarity.  To the point where your relationship with everything else is an exploration of interconnection and oneness.

Look at it this way:  you see yourself as a physical entity living in the world and that everything is separate from you in the sense that it is ‘external’.  From that perspective it is a literal impossibility to be truly at ease and peace with yourself as your mind will be in survival/control mode evaluating, judging, planning dissecting, preventing, organizing, thinking, doubting, worrying, justifying.  Busy-busy-busy.   Tension, stress, control.   As you are literally up against a universe of potential conflict and problems.

To be truly sung is about exploring the energy of oneness, the energy of allowance in the universe.   It’s an opportunity to move with the essence of energy.   A place of being and understanding where there is a ease and a broadening.

So it is a way of experiencing yourself, experiencing reality in a new way.  A more complete and holistic way where everything opens up.

So it may look like a simple thing but beneath the form of Tai Chi and Qigong there are radical and transformative things happening.  For those that choose to explore that.

The possibilities are endless.

End note:  there is a Tai Chi master, Adam Mizner, who has a passion for what sung is and often talks about and shows the martial applications.  Check out his online videos.


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The puzzle called enlightenment~

dragonfly sun

Enlightenment is simply about connecting with your deeper sense of awareness.  Clearly seeing things as they are.  In a practical sense, seeing through the illusion of the world.

But enlightenment is also a game for the mind.   A puzzle and fuel for the mind.  Which is okay.  Give it some candy and make it happy.

But the question arises:  how do you connect with your sense of awareness?  It is a place very very few really connect with as it is far beyond the five physical senses.

The simplest answer I can share is that you do it by choosing it..

By going in that direction and exploring deeper and living the choice.  How big is your desire to understand the bigger picture and to experience something more in your life?  Allow yourself to move with that flow of energy.

As a practice, meditation can be a useful and there are, of course, many practices that can facilitate an expansion.  As long as at some point you take the hinges off the doors.

It basically comes down to observing yourself and the world — without the filter of judgement, as much as possible.

Observe your choices and choose more.

When you connect with your sense of awareness you are choosing limitlessness.

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this moment called now~

morning light - Copy

Anticipation of the future creates tension in your body and mind.

It pulls us from being present and seeing what is happening and dilutes the quality and intensity of life.

Of course we can use our imagination to inform and create our reality and lives – it’s what we do any way, isn’t it?  But why not just let this moment be enough?

This moment in which you are in is enough.

It is sufficient.  You are sufficient.

There is no great need that needs filling immediately this very moment.

The future will take care of itself if you take care of yourself right now.

Trust in your ability and power to choose in the moment as events arise and unfold.

Trust in your ability to allow things to come into your life and practice acceptance.

Trust in your ability to go in any direction you choose.

Trust in your ability to respond to respond effectively rather than react to things in this world.

As there is no ‘greater’ source or power than what lies deep within you.

You were not created as a lesser being and there is no lesser being in all of existence.

A homeless person or a president of a country or a billionaire are no better or worse than each other.   They are each simply choosing and experiencing life in their own way.  Nothing is inherently greater or lesser than another.  Observe that.  Religion would say otherwise but that is another topic.

Recognize what is being said here and how it applies to your life.

Just because something is not manifested in this very moment before your eyes doesn’t mean a lick.  Stop playing games thinking the universe has to be a certain way.

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moving beyond the influence of your perceptions~

polar express

“Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.”

-The Conductor in Polar Express


Life is a dream.

But your perceptions will give you ‘evidence’ otherwise.

How far will you choose to see?

How far will you choose to explore in your life?

How far will you open yourself up?

The thing about limitlessness is that it goes far beyond what is physical.

Perception is an interesting thing.

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The exploration is the thing.

azure waters

‘Azure.  All told a year of water.

Some places with no bottom.

I had hoped to understand it

But it wasn’t possible.  Fish.’

Jim Harrison, Songs of Unreason (2011)

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The value of having a mind (for those who haven’t lost theirs)…


sky rays

The value is that you can be conscious.

You can consciously direct your mind and use it as the tool that it is.

You can tell it to go in any direction… of your choosing.

And if that isn’t empowerment then what is?

One example of directing the mind is to give it this idea:

I choose to be more open and see what the universe brings to me.

(And then, of course, to observe what new opportunities that arise and what doors are opened.  And beyond that, to observe the abundance of the universe and your relationship with all things.)

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Letting go (of the mind)~

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