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The exploration is the thing.

azure waters

‘Azure.  All told a year of water.

Some places with no bottom.

I had hoped to understand it

But it wasn’t possible.  Fish.’

Jim Harrison, Songs of Unreason (2011)


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The value of having a mind (for those who haven’t lost theirs)…


sky rays

The value is that you can be conscious.

You can consciously direct your mind and use it as the tool that it is.

You can tell it to go in any direction… of your choosing.

And if that isn’t empowerment then what is?

One example of directing the mind is to give it this idea:

I choose to be more open and see what the universe brings to me.

(And then, of course, to observe what new opportunities that arise and what doors are opened.  And beyond that, to observe the abundance of the universe and your relationship with all things.)

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Letting go (of the mind)~

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Mantras can be helpful if it is something that is simple and resonates with you.  Something that gives the mind a direction and is a reflection of what your choice is.

I live from my beingness.


I am open to the possibilities of life.


I am love.

They are aids as a starting point for meditation and are also useful before sleep as a direction for the subconscious to explore.  Or they can be used throughout the day as a reminder to connect with where you want to be.  Remember that mantras or affirmations only work when they are a part of the direction you are already choosing.   For instance, using the affirmation

I am a billionaire.

will only create more conflict and disharmony if you still have not examined your (many and hidden) belief systems and psychologies surrounding money and self-worth and are choosing to realize yourself in a new way.   It will do that as at some point your mind will observe (and judge) the stark contrast between your current state and you desire and not see any real bridge between the two.

Feel what the words mean.  Feel how you are creating your life.  Moment by moment.  Brick by brick.   With every choice.  Mantras are a reflection of what you are creating your life to be.

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advanced concepts in healing~


It is the mind that needs healing, not your body.

Recognize the body has an innate and inherent ability to be in balance and restore itself to balance if allowed.  It is the mind that interferes and creates imbalance in your life.  And that can easily manifest as illness, physical or otherwise.

Sure when people want to heal from cancer they should obviously eat organic, nutritious foods, go raw more, take larger doses of vitamin C  and drink lots of clean spring water.  Of course they should do things that help to heal like bring oxygen into the body and laugh more.  That goes without saying.  When people get sick it is an opportunity to connect deeper with themselves and explore new, more empowering ways of living.

But recognize it is not the body so much as the mind that needs addressing.

Use the mind to direct the essence of energy that you are to healing your physical, emotional and mental states.  To make shifts into health and ease and a “yes” acceptance of life.

Consciously apply your mind to bring the energy that you are into your life and create shifts.  Give it that direction and choose it.  Choose health and choose You and when your choices reflect that and you are that energy, your body will be in balance.

Allow the energy that you are to express itself in the world.  It just feels good.  

And doing this opens the door to living a very long and happy life, much longer than people are currently living.  It opens the door to new ways of living.

No one really does this but you can be among the first.  And it’s not simply about healing but about creating the life you truly want.

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create your world~


Don’t be afraid to create a world and step into it.

You do it everyday anyway.

And no one is as sane (or insane) as they think they are.

Go ahead and play a little.

Imagine what is possible and explore that.

You might just like it.

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Awareness just is.


When you make the choice to expand your existence it becomes clear after a certain point that “your” awareness isn’t yours.

Awareness just is.

It is a constancy and encompasses everything.  Beyond the mind’s perspective.

As you engage this awareness your life will change as the movement has already been made to ‘open up’:

You will know things about yourself and others intuitively.

You will know when someone is lying (to you or themself).

You will readily be able to observe energy blocks in yourself and others.

You will recognize that little voice inside that nudges you ‘left’ when the ‘right’ you have chosen a thousand times before leads to a result you did not want (like getting clipped by a car and dying.)

You will observe awareness in others who have it and see the essence you share with everyone and thing.

Increasingly you will sense or know things before they happen.

You will observe the relationship between empowerment and choice.

You will see the impact of your choices.

You will know that your life can be as fluid as responsive as a river if you allow it.

You will see that ’cause and effect’ is just an illusion ultimately.

You will observe the futility and limitation imposed by your mind’s insistence on judgement (and how it will still be a part of your life up to a point).

You will know that oneness and love are not just ideas.

You will come to know that there are truly no limits to your existence but those you choose on some level.

You will see that the brilliance you are shines brighter than all the suns in the universe.

~ ~ ~

(Isn’t it time you woke from your slumber dear friends?

Do what you want with your life but the world has enough zombies in it.

Last count was over 7 billion.)

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