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The consciousness of humanity~


Humanity has achieved technological advancement

but has it achieved anything else?

Not really.

View the movement of humanity

over the centuries and millennia

and you will see that the consciousness of humanity

has not grown.

So where do we go from here?

A healthy first step would be to set aside our arrogance

and look at the world, ourselves and each other

with that sense of wonder and play

that we had as children.

With those eyes.

And then to ask ourselves, what is possible.



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Embrace the magic of life~


Do not forget to include this in the story of your life:

“…And then something magical happened…”

~And be open for it~

~Create it~

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Shopping today at a vintage store I found a beautifully framed picture of a series of doors from the U.A.E..  Arab design and architecture is mystical and minimal and speaks volumes and ignites the imagination.  I love it.

And aren’t doorways something wonderful?

You can step through them and there is always the possibility of something new on the other side.   Or something more.  Or a continuation of the exploration.

We go through many doorways in our lives.  And some doors we do not go through.  Some doorways are hidden because they are within. 

And until you see or come to know these doorways you cannot step through them.


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Enchanté Montreal~



Jen and I recently visited Montreal for the first time and absolutely loved it!

Frankly, it puts other Canadian cities to shame.  Everything from the efficient metro system to the thousands of shops and businesses and wonderful things to explore and fall in love with.   Things are more relaxed there.  There are bike lanes on sidewalks and streets.  Even many of their alleys are thoughtful greenspaces.  And the numerous depanneur convenience stores around town that sell beer and wine which you can drink on the streets or parks if it is with food or in a paper bag.

It is a more social and interactive environment and feels very safe and friendly and the architecture everywhere is beautiful.  It sparks the imagination and reminds you just how fun and wonderful life can be.

One such amazing place is Eva B‘s massive café and vintage boutique on Boul St-Laurent.  It is like stepping through the little door in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.   A friendly smile greets you at the door offering you a sample tea and inside is everything from walls of books to artwork to numerous corners, curiosities, café and greenspaces and of course clothing.  It would take a full afternoon to explore and just sit and enjoy the magic and ambiance.

We were born and raised in Canada and never realized until we visited Montreal what a treasure it is.  Canada is a much better place for it.

And the point is, sometimes there are amazing things right in front of us or in our own backyards that we do not see… until we open our eyes and see.


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There is a kid somewhere inside you.


Children are amazing and brilliant.

Jen’s mom was in a store and a little boy was standing by himself with no adult around, appearing lost.   So she asked him what his name was.

“Spider-Man,”  he told her matter-of-factly.

“Yes,” she said “but what is your other name?”

“Spider-Man,”  he tells her again resolutely, apparently not needing any help.

Our young ones of the human family have a sense of wonder and joy that is such a joy to behold just observing it.   In their early years they look upon the world for the first time, taking it all in.   And what a wonderful thing that is.   To see the world in such a way.

You cannot tell a kid to not splash and play in the water as they will not listen.

In Edmonton there has been a media story recently about a young girl (“SpiderMable”) who is dealing with cancer.  Her name is Mabel Tooke and thanks to the Children’s Wish Foundation and her simple wish to meet Spider-man, she has been on a playful manhunt to capture (fake) bad-guys and has been a source of joy and smiles for millions.  It has likely been a very healthy distraction from her medical treatments and a boost in her process of feeling and getting better.

Somewhere inside all of us there is a child that wants to come out and smile and play and laugh and connect with the world.

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What is your perspective of time?


You walked the dog this morning.  Had your toast or cereal or whatever.  Kissed your partner before leaving for work.

That is your perspective of what has happened which you call “the past”.

On the other side we anticipate what is ahead.  (Ever notice how “the future” as we anticipate it never really happens exactly the way we thought it would?  Sometimes not even close.)

And these perspectives which we call the past and the future are valid.  Up to a point.  Another perspective is that the past and future do not exist at all.

What is your perspective of time?  What is time really?   Is it more than you think it is?

What do you think would happen if you opened yourself up to a less linear perspective of existence?

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Be in wonder again~

Appreciate your life and everything in it.

Do not take anything too seriously.

Remember when you were a boy or girl and used to look up to the sky and twirl around and fall to the ground all dizzy and joyful?

Remember seeing the newness and wonder of it all and were exploring it, discovering where the boundaries were?

Maybe it is time to explore and play again and to discover new boundaries and limits.

Be in wonder again.

Be joyful.

Make Love.
Hold each other.
Fall in love again.
Fall in love with yourself and your life.

Challenge yourself to see things in new ways.

Walk barefoot in the water and grass.

Greet a stranger like they were your best friend or share compliments more freely.

Dare yourself to be a little crazy.

Revel in the monotony when it arises at your job and imagine new possibilities.

Sing a song that you love or write a new one.

Buy the person behind you in line a coffee.

Inspire a new movement in the world or in yourself.

Being more alive doesn’t mean jumping out of planes or free climbing up vertical rock faces or putting your life in danger.  It’s about opening up your horizon and being who you are already at the core but have forgotten.

Get in touch with your essence, your energy.

Give thanks to the universe.  Extend your energy in appreciation and love.

there is magic in every single moment
with every single breath.

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