Energy Healing

Health is a state of balance as the result of the natural flow of our energy within ourselves.  That is pretty simple.  But life gets in the way and maintaining that balance can become a great challenge at times.

It is helpful to view the self from different perspectives such as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.   Of course all of these are interconnected and when there is an imbalance or blockage of energy in any area it manifests in different ways, sometimes as disease.   For example, you may have observed that after a period of weeks or months or years of carrying around an unresolved relationship issue or experiencing too much job stress a physical result happens.     The body has its breaking point and often people do not even realize what is happening on different levels to themselves as a result of their choices.

It is also beneficial to view yourself not just a physical person but as an energy being.    The body has great capacities to heal itself if allowed.

In consultations I have with people there is often an increase in the flow of energy on different levels.   The most a healer can do is facilitate the choice in another and show them the door but health is a choice and must be chosen. From every part of the self.

One of my passions is a gentle energy healing methodology called Asymya of which i enjoy sharing with others and giving treatments. It is a doorway to healing and another way of existing and for most of the last decade I have explored The Wonders teachings as a way to reconnect with the deeper aspects of myself.

Energy healing happens in many ways and can be done through distance as well since the energy we are is not limited to specific points in time and space.

Feel free to look at these resources and get in touch with me if you have any questions.


The Wonders

Well-being is a large topic and not limited to just the physical aspect of who we are.    One of the main forms of healing comes in realizing the fullness who you are and changing the way you see yourself.   Most people view themselves as lacking something.   For some people it is money, for others it is a car or partner or career or emotional balance or whatever.    It goes very deep and creates how we manifest ourselves.

Just by being aware of what is happening in our life and the choices we are making on different levels expands our understanding  and opens the door to new choices and well-being.

We are not here to only survive and cope with life’s challenges, we are here to live abundant, joyful lives.


the remembrance~